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Banner Ad Terms:

  • INITIAL RATE: $15 CPM – Prepaid ONLY.
  • Can keep rate as long as your ad is continuous.
  • Ads reinstated are $15 CPM
  • Minimum buy is 50,000 impressions
  • ALL ADS ARE “RESPONSIVE” – Meaning ads are optimized for web, laptop and mobile browsers and devices!

$15 per thousand for traffic – with prepaid estimate based on 60K hits monthly. You pay only for impressions you receive. During the month you will receive 60,000 impressions. Once reached the ad will pause unless you continue. If your ad does not achieve the full 60,000 impressions during the month, the ad will be extended until it does achieve that result.

This rate can continue for up to three months total if all impressions are funded in advance.


How to Start:

Choose how many impressions you need monthly & email your ad or ad copy to

We can help you create the ad itself. We will create it in all of the formats that might be served. Remember, we server different ads when the screen size is as small as the original iPhone, when the ad size is the size of the iPhone 6 and later, tabloid size, laptop size and desktop size. We differentiate based on the width of the browser in use. You will actually see two different versions of your ad if you hold an iPhone 6, 6S or 7 (or similar Android screen size) upright or horizontal. That counts as one impression, even if you go back and forth.

If you need help with your ad, mention that in the comment section when you don’t upload your ad.

We send you back proofs of your different ad sizes. You can then make any changes you like to the copy or the presentation.
Once you approve the ad, we send you an ebill for the placement. You will note we do this last so that you can see what the ad will be. You can talk to us by phone or email. We don’t want to leave you in the dark in any way.


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