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Yes – Mobile Friendly!


First – You likely heard that Google is excluding sites from search results on mobile devices IF those sites are not truly mobile friendly. Our site network is mobile friendly. We EXCLUSIVELY use “responsive” design on WordPress using Headway.  We were already mobile friendly by ALL GOOGLE STANDARDS.

Here is some information on what mobile devices visit the sites: 


A Couple of Notes on Our Web Traffic:

  • We see financial institutions come from hard-wired desktop systems. 
  • We see traders at the open and  the close typically come from desktop systems.
  • We see midday and after hours mobile viewing most commonly. 
  • We see all devices, although primarily iPhone and iPads. 
  • We see a lot of Galaxy S6’s suddenly coming up in just the last few days. A lot of these!
  • Apple Watch – Zero – But it’s just being shipped. I am writing this on April 30, 2015 just as some have reported receiving it! 

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