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Updates Site Visitors Visit MORE than FOUR PAGES Every Visit!

Most smallcap sites are no where you would want to spend more than a five seconds are so. Our visitors visit MORE THAN THREE PAGES with every visit, with some visiting many more. Only the first TEN pages are in the page count. Those that read more than ten are not included in that average beyond those first ten pages.

Here is Recent Quantcast Data show PAGES per VISITOR:

Date Page views per Person
21-Aug-13 4.00
20-Aug-13 4.06
19-Aug-13 3.87
18-Aug-13 5.23
17-Aug-13 6.64
16-Aug-13 4.09
15-Aug-13 4.40
14-Aug-13 3.17
13-Aug-13 4.18
12-Aug-13 5.02
11-Aug-13 6.06
10-Aug-13 4.12
9-Aug-13 4.75
8-Aug-13 3.61
7-Aug-13 3.52
6-Aug-13 3.81
5-Aug-13 5.67
4-Aug-13 4.51
3-Aug-13 3.38
2-Aug-13 5.10
1-Aug-13 3.55


That’s 4.42 PAGES viewed on average PER VISITOR. That’s extraordinary!

Here is a sample of our traffic from just moments before we published this on Friday, August 9 , 2013:

A Couple of Notes:

  • Every “box” is a unique visitor. It shows all visits for that visitor from July 16th through August 9th. All of these visitors have just visited our site in the past couple of hours.
  • You see where these come from.
  • You see the search term, and if it is a top ten search term you see on Google how it ranked. Bing/Yahoo does not show ranking.
  • Every BLACK text line is a unique page load. That visitor visited that page.
  • Those boxes with several black lines shows you the visitor’s progress going page by page.
  • You see a LinkedIn visitor below. At times we get Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. They are huge in referrals.
  • The final visitor on this image is enlarged so you can see that the visitor has visited 13 times since July 16th. We get many of these. Only his LAST TEN HITS counts toward the average of THREE PAGES. That is because someone clicking every page could really alter the count.


IP’s greyed out for privacy purposes.

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