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  • 43.6% of Site Visitors Stay on the Site GREATER  than 30 Seconds
  • 18.2% of Site Visitors Stay on the Site GREATER than Five Minutes
  • 9% of Site Visitors Stay on the Site GREATER than Twenty Minutes
  • 6.5% of Site Visitors Stay on the Site GREATER than ONE HOUR!


What does this really mean?

Compare to almost any other site covering penny stocks, you will find that nobody holds the audience for long periods of time. We do by creating articles that are truly interesting to read. Articles on their favorite topic: Penny stocks.

A visit of five seconds or less is often called a “bounce.” Even those shorter visits are not wasted trips to the site. Some might click on an article on one of our clients – or click off to the client’s web site right away. The five seconds really means they do not do any other browser actions on OUR SITE that can be detected.

The longer than five seconds means they clicked on a second page on our site – or multiple pages.

Here are some examples that we have published just within the last few days:

 All of this means REAL ENGAGEMENT


About Our Source – StatCounter:

Source: Statcounter live tracking of Report period was July 16th through August 9th, 2013.

Here is StatCounter’s explanation as to how this data should be interpreted:


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