Geograpic and Regional Coverage

Geograpic and Regional Coverage

Where do site viewers of StockGuru come from?


United States   43.66 101    
Canada   27.19 749    
India   9.54 382    
Brazil   1.40 79    
United Kingdom   1.24 30    
Hong Kong   0.68 346    
Netherlands   0.40 42    


The Mobile Web Geographically Speaking:


Percents in the mobile numbers above represent the percentage from that country using mobile devices. 

We are MOBILE FRIENDLY by Google’s tough standards!  READ ABOUT IT HERE

Above: Quantcast – April 30, 2015. 

Below: Quantcast from 2011.

We show it here as Quantcast no longer shows as many countries in the published results. Below you can see we reach all over. 




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