Facts About StockGuru.com


  • We’ve been around since 2003 as StockGuru.com.
  • We were the first website to offer “Profiles” for public companies on our site.
  • We have been under the same ownership and management the entire time.
  • Our staff has been as big as 11 people in our offices in the DFW area, with real people working on our content and programming our sites.
  • We have a network of over 40 stock and investing sites, although StockGuru.com is the key site. We have other site networks outside of stocks and investing.
  • We do not use outside contractors. Everything we do is in-house.
  • We have had over 400 public company clients over the past 12 plus years.


  • We comply with both the Can-Spam Act of 2003 and the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (effective 2014).
  • We automatically cut sends to addresses that do not open our emails on a specific basis and have not recently interacted with us. This insures no complaints about our emails.
  • We have never had a compliance issue. Look us up. Search all over about us. We believe in the law and regulatory system.

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