US Banking Holidays Through 2018

Remember: Banking Holidays & Stock Market Holidays are Often Different

Stock Market Holiday Schedule:

Bank Holiday Schedule:

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FYI – Your bank may be open. In some rare cases, some banks stay open on certain holidays. Usually grocery stores and similar locations follow these holidays, but some banks find it to their competitive advantage to open on holidays. 







New Year’s Day



January 2**

January 1

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday



January 16

January 15

Washington’s Birthday



February 20

February 19

Memorial Day



May 29

May 28

Independence Day



July 4

July 4

Labor Day



September 4

September 3

Columbus Day



October 9

October 8

Veterans Day



November 11*

November 12**

Thanksgiving Day



November 23

November 22

Christmas Day



December 25

December 25


*Falls on a Saturday, not observed

**Falls on a Sunday, observed on Monday

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