Five Tips to Pick a Penny Stock that is Going Up

Five Tips to Pick a Penny Stock that is Going Up


Everyone always laughs when I tell them the most important places to check when checking out a company. Insiders likely hate me even mentioning this. It’s the message boards. You can look at Ihub and the Yahoo Message boards for companies and get the complete low down on most companies.

ONE WARNING: MANY IHUB BOARDS ARE CONTROLLED BY LOVERS OF THE COMPANY.  That means you cannot trust the boards. If you see posts are deleted over and over, it is most often lovers of the Company stamping out criticism.  I was once close to a company that I began to realize was not what I thought it was originally, and then I saw that the board was rigged for them. I even had Ihub moderators come to me to try get paid to keep the board positive.

Once you know that can happen, you can quickly read the board and know what you are dealing with. There are other due diligence boards and anti-fraud boards that cover stocks with fair moderators. Those are great sources as well.

FYI – I have been banned at Ihub for years, and it is due to such moderators.

The Yahoo Boards are not moderated, so you get a great picture of both sides of the discussion. Unfortunately, not as many discussions take place on smallcap stocks on the Yahoo Finance Boards.




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