Five Tips to Pick a Penny Stock that is Going Up

Five Penny Stock Tips to Find a Penny Stock that is Likely to Go Up

I get asked all of the time how do I pick the right penny stocks?  Some say, I want a penny stock that is going to go up 100 percent. How do I find that?

The question is easy to answer. There is no guarantee that any penny stock you pick is going to necessarily go up or give you a 100% gain – or even fraction of that. The important thing to understand in penny stocks is that they are different than traditional stocks (those listed on NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX). The difference is that while a traditional listed stock moves on earnings and potential profit, penny stocks often move for other reasons. These reasons include hype, rumor, who is promoting it, who is on the board, a rapper or sport celebrity tweets the symbol, or the company puts out release after release that get attention.

How do you pick one that is going to be a winner?

I am going to give you several FIVE WAYS TO PICK A PENNY STOCK and explain those.

Let’s start with Number Five

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