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Can You Win on Heavily Promoted Stocks? Here’s 5 Strategies

[nextpage title=”blog” ] Five Strategies to Win When Playing Heavily Promoted Penny Stocks Let me start with the correct warning that goes with understanding the very nature of heavily promoted penny stocks.  That warning is that need to make sure that you always avoid the mistakes and misunderstanding that come from penny stocks. In my post “Five Things Investors Do Wrong When Playing Penny Stock Picks” is a great start at understanding the risks and the land mines. This post is about how to succeed. Let me throw in this snippet regarding and the companies we typically cover. While we


How to Lock In a Penny Stock Profit… Automatically

[nextpage title=”blog” ] When you are trading penny stocks, you are already taking huge risks. You know that going in. One of the biggest and dumbest mistakes I see happens comes when people have a clear profit and fail to take that profit. They have no exit plan other than luck. Or maybe love? How to Take a Profit on a Penny Stock: Let me set the table here.  Likely you trade penny stocks. Likely you buy penny stocks quite often, only to find out that the penny stock you chose actually was up about 15% or 20% the same


Do YOU Have What it Takes? (To Trade #PennyStocks )

[nextpage title=”BLOG” ] . Are YOU Cut Out to Trade Penny Stocks? This is a loaded question, and the reason I ask it is because you need to find out for yourself. I am going to give you some information on what I think it takes to be successful. First though, let’s see it you even the type of person that can succeed at penny stock trading!  The good news is there is life outside of penny stocks, so don’t feel bad if they don’t fit you. I will admit it is a whole lot more fun WITH penny stock


Picking a Penny Stock That is Going Up – Five Tips

[nextpage title=”Blog” ] Five Penny Stock Tips to Find a Penny Stock that is Likely to Go Up I get asked all of the time how do I pick the right penny stocks?  Some say, I want a penny stock that is going to go up 100 percent. How do I find that? The question is easy to answer. There is no guarantee that any penny stock you pick is going to necessarily go up or give you a 100% gain – or even fraction of that. The important thing to understand in penny stocks is that they are different


Five Top Penny Stocks Moving on News: $VTMP $FCGD $CONX $DSCR $OCLG

Here are the Top Five Penny Stocks moving on news today in the markets. Included with each is an excerpt of each release:   Vitamin Blue (OTCQB: VTMB) Vitamin Blue Releases Mid-Year Corporate Update Vitamin Blue (OTCQB: VTMB) Vitamin Blue, Inc. is pleased to provide a mid-year update on company progress and plans for 2014. The cannabis industry consultant James Davis has been instrumental in fine tuning plans for the Vitamin Green project. The Company has spent considerable time and effort to build its Vitamin Green strategy and will be announcing its launch this quarter. A name and domain URL

Top Five Penny Stocks for Thursday

Top Five Penny Stocks for Thursday, January 10, 2013: Insignia Systems, Inc. (ISIG) – Up 23% USA Graphite Inc. (USGT) China Food & Beverage Co. (CHIF) Punchline Resources (PUNL) Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. (PLGC)

Top Five Penny Stocks

Here is our Top Five Penny Stocks – Issued January 9, 2012: Vumee (VUME) – Up 100% Today! Armada Oil (AOIL) Todays Alternative (TAEC) Rainbow Coral Corp (RBCC) – Up 98% Today! Independence Energy (IDNG) Our Top Five List includes stocks that have a lot of buzz, dollar volume, a higher percentage gain or important recent news. Updates are shown below on each:


Top Ten Penny Stocks

If you are looking for a list of the top ten penny stocks for 2013, you’ve come to the right place. I am doing sector by sector lists of the ones I think are the strongest. Each day for the next 41 days we are going to have a top ten list of stock for 2013 from different sectors or categories.  After each list i am going to include at least three penny stock picks that fit into the sector or category. Let’s Kick it Off with Our List of the Most Important Social Network Stocks for 2012.


Why Penny Stocks?

[nextpage title=”blog” ]   This is a question I get a lot: Why Penny Stocks? For most people penny stocks never cross their minds. They are quite comfortable with the funds in their 401k and they simply stay away from any other kind of investing. Let’s talk about how to pick penny stocks and why penny stocks can achieve significant gains: [/nextpage][nextpage title=”blog” ]   Starting with how to pick penny stocks, you need to decide if you want a fully reporting company or a non-reporting company. That is one of the keys I always look for. A fully reporting


Where to Find Penny Stocks

[nextpage title=”Penny Stocks” ] One of the questions I get asked most is where do I find penny stocks? First you must know as what are penny stocks?  Let’s start with what they are, and then discuss where you can get penny stock lists and information. What is a penny stock? That is a defined arbitrarily by Wall Street as any stock under five dollars.  That is not necessarily right, as many stocks fell after the crash a few years back to well below five dollars and one cannot say that they suddenly became penny stocks. The real reason Wall

Buying Penny Stocks by Using Stock Brokers Services

Small cap stocks are penny stocks are all those stocks that are issued by small companies, trade in OTC and PINK Sheets, and have price less than $1 per share. If the investors are interested to put their money in penny stocks, there are many pros and cons of penny stock investment. Penny stocks offer big gains to traders and the risk is also high. New investors usually wonder how to buy penny stocks. For new and ordinary traders, they must have a ‘Penny Stock broker’. So actually who is a broker? A broker is a person who can be

Penny Stocks For beginner or Dummies

The beginner investors mostly make many mistakes when trading penny stocks. Penny stock investors need some skills and tact to trade successfully. The first trick for trading penny stocks in a good manner is to never to invest more money that you can afford to lose right from the start. Small cap stocks are much volatile and risky stocks, so not put all your money in them. It is better for penny stock investors not to hire a full time broker as there are many dues to pay, instead its enough good to choose a discount online trading broker that will allow you to trade penny

How to Perform Due Diligence For Penny Stocks

[nextpage title=”blog” ] Penny Stock Due Diligence Penny Stocks are high-risk high-reward trading opportunities for new investors & are a great way to start trading if you have an account smaller than $50,000. That is as long as you perform your due diligence. Due Diligence is the art of researching investments, and when it comes to performing due diligence for penny stocks it can get pretty complicated…unless you have a guide. Which is why in this article we’ll teach you a fast 3 step formula for starting your penny stock due diligence each and every time. Step 1- Note Reasons

What Does Volume Mean To Trading Penny Stock?

What is Stock Volume? Penny Stocks are high-risk high-reward trading opportunities that can grow 100% or even 400% overnight due to high trading volume. But volume can be a hard concept to grasp for a new trader. Which is why in this article we’ll teach you a simple way of understanding stock volume & how it can help you make a lot of money. What is stock volume? Stock volume commonly referred to simply as “volume” is the number of shares or contracts traded in a security or an entire market during a given period of time. To put it

What is Penny stock beta?

[nextpage title=”blog” ] Stock Beta Ratio? If you primarily trade penny stocks it’s probably safe to say that you might have never come across the term ‘stock beta’ before, and if you have there’s an even greater chance you might be misusing it. Which is why in this article you will learn a simple way of understanding stock beta & learn how to use it effectively to plan your trades. What is stock beta? Stock beta (beta ratio) is the amount of distance between a stock’s price volatility in relation to the rest of the market. Or to state it

What is Penny Stock Technical Analysis?

[nextpage title=”blog” ] Technical Analysis 101 Penny stocks are high-risk high-reward investments & trading them can make you serious money if you can minimize losses. One great way to minimize losses is by learning & using technical analysis to plan and execute trades. Which is why in this article you will learn the basics of technical analysis & how you can start using it today, along with proper due diligence. What is technical analysis? Technical analysis is a method of forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data usually in a graphical chart format. In simple

Gap Trading 101: How To Trade The Gap

Gap Trading 101: How To Trade The Gap Penny stock trading is a high-risk high-reward situation in which successful traders can make 100-400% profits overnight. However because of the risk, it’s important for traders to use every “easy” trading technique they have at their disposal. And no trading technique is easier than trading the gap. Which is why in this article you will learn the basics of trading the gap & exactly how you can start using it today, to compliment your technical analysis. What is trading the gap? Trading the gap is a stock trading technique that involves profiting

What is trading the news for Penny Stocks?

Learn How To Trade The News & Make Money Penny stock traders have many trading techniques at their disposal. One of the best & most used trading techniques is as old as the stock market itself and is commonly refereed to as “trading the news”. This article will explore how to “trade the news” & you will learn the basics of “news trading” and how you can start using it today to for major gains. What is trading the news? Trading the news can be summed up in a single wall street soundbite. “Buy the rumor, sell the news”. Trading

Should you become a penny stock trader?

Find out if penny stock trading is right for you Penny stock traders can make a lot of money, but not everyone is cut out for the cut-throat world of penny stock trading. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you should trade penny stocks then this article is for you. This article will explore what makes a great penny stock trader, and help you decide once and for all if you should consider giving penny stock trading a try. What makes a good penny stock trader? A good penny stock trader has many qualities but the