How to Make a Winning Penny Stock Pick for A Quick Gain

A Step-by-Step Process for Profit

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One night stands are never good for relationships. With penny stocks, they are great. I am not going to get into the imagery that I could easily give you hear of getting into the stock and then getting out of the stock. Let’s talk about how to pick a stock that can give you a quick gain. Think of it as a one night stand with a stock. 

Let’s Search For It:

If  you want a quick gain, you  have to make sure the stock is very actively traded. Instead of the WEEKLY $50k dollar volume  you see me mention on other posts, we are really talking about doing about $250k per week, with days always better than maybe $25k in dollar volume. Any less than this and you are likely to end up owning a huge gain and an important life lesson. Let’s avoid that life lesson by picking the right stock in the first place. 

Here is what you need to look for in further detail:

  • A stock that was trading at nearly the same price for the past twelve weeks. 
  • A stock that is no where near being a candidate for a reverse split. Don’t dare pick a sub-penny for this quickie profit. 
  • A stock that has real press releases coming out several times monthly. 
  • A stock that has a following on Ihug and has its symbol tagged on Twitter quite often with the dollar symbol (instead of the hashmark). So Apple would be $AAPL on Twitter. 
  • A stock that answers its telephone when you call the company. If not, pass it up!
  • A stock that in the past twelve weeks has had dips and valleys of sufficient size as to allow for a profit. I like to see at least five of these prior events.  Let me get specific here. Let’s say it is trading at $1.00 right now. Let’s say that it has been at $1.30 at least five prior times (different day) over the past twelve weeks. Let’s say that it has been as low as $0.90 five times in the same prior twelve weeks.   Each time it was at one of the lows, it was followed by one of the highs, before going back – again – to one of the lows. Do you follow me? If you don’t, you need to move on to another strategy. If not, continue on below. 


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Don’t pick a stock that is hotly traded – but does not have any news. You can get a trade halt than ends your happiness and ties up your money. 

Don’t limit yourself to the OTCQB, OTCBB, and OTC Pink Sheets. Cheap stocks on the better exchanges are great for this, too! Don’t forget to look. 

Pick a buy level, then buy the stock. 

As soon as your order is confirmed as being filled, put in a sell order. Learn HERE how to get a gain the moment it pops up. You must get a gain. You must keep that gain. THIS POST TELLS YOU HOW TO LOCK THAT GAIN IN – READ IT!



This only works one or two times with a single stock. Sooner or later they go way up or way down. Five or six times is all they generally repeat. 

Good luck!


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