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Trade Alert: DMH International is Up 49% Today on Strong Early Volume

DMH International Inc. (OTCQB: DMHI) is up as much as 49% today on the best volume in several trading sessions. While shares of DMHI traded as high as five cents in early November, shares have fallen off in recent weeks. The chart shows a likely technical recovery underway. Most recent news:


Success Alert: On August 21 We Said Soupman (SOUP) was a Buy, Now Up 32% on Volume of 12 Times Average

Last week on August 21st we put out a Trade Alert on SOUPMAN Inc. In that alert we said: Do you want a really interesting stock that shows all the signs that it’s going up? Do you like soup? Do you shop at Wal-Mart? Do you like Shaquille O’Neal and Jason Alexander? We have your stock pick: It is SOUPMAN, Inc. (OTCQB: SOUP). We also said: Finally when you look at the latest financials released for the period ending May 31, 2013 shows the Company is funded and solid enough for what they are doing. Of course they are carrying


July 5th We Gave You “Five Reasons Apple is ‘The’ Tech Stock to Buy Now,” And it’s Up $85 and 20%

I will admit that every time I see others pick Apple Inc. (AAPL), I kind of laugh. We all see some people pick the same five tech stocks over and over (then over and over again). That really means they do not understand the tech sector and are really just picking the stocks that they really like. I rarely mention Apple. That said, I saw everything coming together for a huge gain on Apple on July 5, 2013. I put this out: What’s happened since the pick? Our pick issued pre-market on July 5, 2013. It closed on July 3rd at


NYSE: CSC Up Sharply Since Inclusion in Our Seven Stocks Likely to Beat Their 52 Week High, News Out Today on Earnings

Command Security Corp. (NYSE: MOC) Command Security is up sharply since our announcement of its inclusion in StockGuru’s “Seven Penny Stocks that Could Recover to Prior 52 Week Highs.” News is out today and it shows we were right in including MOC in our list. Others have prove us correct as well. We will update the full list shortly. UP NEXT: MOC’S RELEASE COVERING 1Q FISCAL 2014 (For the period ending June 30th)

Five-for-Five in Silver Stocks – All Five Announced Friday Premarket are WAY UP

Did you see our post “StockGuru’s Top Five Silver Stocks for 2013” ? Rarely does anyone score a perfect 100%, five-for-five, all winners. This time we did. We announced this PRE-MARKET on Friday, August 9th.  Let’s see how those stocks have performed since. Yes, all five. The red line represents MARKET OPEN on August 9th. UP NEXT: SEE THE CHARTS FULL SIZE

Our Turn-around Candidate Harmony Gold Mining Up 5.9% in First Minutes of Trading

Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited – An ADR on the NYSE as HMY – Also on JSE as HAR Harmony is in our list of turn-around candidates that are likely to challenge their 52 week highs. Our rationale can be found HERE. Look at the full list HERE of seven stocks that we see as likely to get back to their 52 week highs and further break-out. 

Trade Alert: Wireless Ronin Up Sharply 36% Intraday on News of Revenue Growth

If  you watch RNIN, you were pleasantly surprised to see that the Company has achieved revenue growth of 69% in 2Q 2013.  As that news comes out as the trade day starts (earlier, of course), the stock surged up and has held most of that gain. We saw it peak as high as 36% Here’s that news release: Wireless Ronin Achieves 69% Revenue Growth in Second Quarter 2013 Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: RNIN), a leading digital marketing technologies solutions provider, reported financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2013. Q2 2013 Financial Highlights vs. Same Year-Ago Quarter

Update on our Spotlight Stock Lightwave Logic Inc. (LWLG) ~ Up as much as 33% since our Spotlight

We first brought you Lightwave Logic Inc. back on January 3rd, and the stock has shown considerable strength. Despite two sell-offs in the past six months that have pushed the share price down in the mid-eighty cent range, the stock has recovered each time. We even seen an upward trend that could push the stock past its November high’s of $1.24. In January there were a couple of days that reached a penny shy of that level, but we are seeing greater strength in buying the last two days with 338,527 shares traded combined between yesterday and today. Today was

SKVI up 38.9% in Heavy Trading

Skinvisible is Breaking-out as the Level II chart below shows. With the latest trading boosting the Company to a 38.9% gain on the day, total volume is well over the 30 and 90 day volume averages.  The latest trade was at 5 cents for a total of 27,000 shares in that one trade alone. The next ask is at $0.89, which would push SKVI to a much higher gain on the day should that price hit. More than likely there are other orders not shown between the bid at $0.042 and the ask of $0.089. See that below – chart

SKVI: It’s On, Up as much as 200% Since Tuesday’s Alert… Volume is Many Times its Averages

How about touching a 52 Week High to Start a Friday! We Alerted with News and Comments Tuesday After the Close Tuesday to Our Full Email List! That’s exactly what Skinvisible has done, and the day’s not over. It’s still up close to 100% as we write this. Wow… Now, we’re not taking credit here. This is one of those stocks we have known for a very long time. It is a very well deserved run in share price as these are the hardest working people in the medical, pharmaceutical, and topical application areas of the smallcaps. Shares for SKVI are

We Alerted You on SKVI Yesterday – Today it’s Up a Solid 12.5% on the Highest Volume Since March

Did you see the alert we sent yesterday? Quoting: “It’s been a while since Skinvisible’s last press release. This is one of those companies that is always working hard behind the scenes, but rarely gets to talk about it due to non-disclosure agreements. They are a past client and I even met with them a few months ago when they were in my vicinity for an important meeting. “This release is important. We should have more on SKVI soon!” We’ve known these people for years. They are great. I believe that we shall see this one breaking out in the