TerraLex leveraging HighQ’s technology across legal network of 155 firms

LONDON, June 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HighQ is pleased to announce a partnership with TerraLex, one of the world’s largest networks of legal firms.

Named the 2018 Global Network of the Year at The Lawyer European Awards, TerraLex is leveraging HighQ’s platform to assist their 155 member firms across the globe in providing innovative client services using the best collaborative software available. TerraLex recently launched an industry sector programme aimed at identifying key client issues and the need for a global collaboration tool to supply solutions and develop industry thought leadership became apparent.

Not only is TerraLex deploying HighQ’s technology networkwide, but the company also plans to recommend HighQ as the preferred collaboration software for member firms.

“The value of TerraLex comes alive when we work together and leverage our collective knowledge,” said Terri Gavulic, Executive Director for TerraLex. “TerraLex is committed to advancing our technology and removing any barriers to communication between our member firms that exist as a result of geography. HighQ’s Collaborate is bringing tremendous value to TerraLex and the clients we serve by providing a simple way for our groups to connect, share new ideas and support clients wherever they have legal needs.”

TerraLex’s network of 19,000 lawyers and support teams will have the opportunity to work with HighQ’s dedicated collaboration software, which increases efficiency and connectivity.

“HighQ is very excited to have the opportunity to partner with TerraLex,” said Mark Pierce, HighQ’s global head of partners. “TerraLex and its member firms strive to provide valuable thought leadership, industry insight and community knowledge. HighQ provides a solution to facilitate that knowledge exchange through our cloud-based platform. It really is a perfect fit.”

About TerraLex
Terralex is one of the world’s leading global networks of law firms. Selected as Global Network of the Year at The Lawyer’s 2018 European Awards, TerraLex’s innovation and collaborative approach were two key differentiating factors cited by the judges of the annual competition. TerraLex is comprised of more than 150 leading full-service law firms and more than 19,000 attorneys in over 100 countries. TerraLex member firms have the breadth and depth of both legal expertise and industry sector knowledge to resolve client’s global business and legal issues efficiently and cost-effectively. Member firms pride themselves on responsiveness and strong cross-border project management skills. Learn more at www.terralex.org.

About HighQ
HighQ provides innovative enterprise collaboration and content publishing solutions to the world’s leading law firms, corporate legal teams and banks. Our secure file sharing, client extranet, matter collaboration and content marketing solutions uniquely combine enterprise-grade technology with the best ideas and user experience from consumer tools. For more information, visit highq.com.

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