The United for Human Rights Center re-dedicates itself on the third anniversary of its grand opening, all in the name of anti-human trafficking for Tampa Bay

CLEARWATER Fla., June 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The United for Human Rights Center Florida headquarters Center, sponsored by the Church of Scientology and located at 29 N Fort Harrison Avenue in downtown Clearwater, invites the public to a series of documentaries on human trafficking.  The one hour documentaries are scheduled on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. Two of these are:  “Not for Sale” and “operation Underground Railroad” both of which detail how young victims escaped human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry worldwide, with a thriving business in the Tampa Bay area.  An estimated 45.8 million people are trafficked worldwide and Florida ranks third of most reported cases of human trafficking in the entire United States.  90% of youth are lured into human trafficking through social media; and foster children are some of the most at-risk youth.

Cristian Vargas, the Executive Director for United for Human Rights Florida, underscored the situation with his own experience, “I was sitting in a restaurant just down the street from my office when two girls around 16 years old, came in with an older man. Something felt off, so I decided to ask the man how he knew them. His answer was he didn’t, but he planned on getting to know them that evening. I immediately called local authorities and the National Hotline for Human Trafficking. Out of all the staff and about 20 customers in that restaurant with me, why am I the only one that noticed that? That’s exactly why we need to educate others – because it’s that prevalent, right here under our very noses.”

If you are interested in attending an anti-human trafficking event, or learning more about what you can do to help, contact Cristian Vargas at 727-265-7479 or email

United for Human Rights:

United for Human Rights is a non-profit, non-religious, educational program dedicated to teaching the community their human rights, specifically the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to inspire them to become advocates for peace and tolerance. The United for Human Rights Florida team hosts a variety of events to combat all forms of human rights violations, and provides free educational material and seminars to educators and activists. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology said, “Human Rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.” To learn more, call 727-265-7479 or visit FB, Twitter or IG @UHRFlorida.

Cristian Vargas

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