Employee ownership and attitudes towards benefits are examined by six life stage categories in the latest Eastbridge report

AVON, Conn., June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Employee Life Stage Segmentation – MarketVisionTM—The Employee Viewpoint© 2018 report looks more closely at how employee ownership and attitudes towards employee benefits, including voluntary products, vary by life stage. Using the 2017 MarketVisionTM—The Employee Viewpoint© dataset, an additional evaluation of the data was conducted to create several life stage categories. Several demographic characteristics were used to segment the data initially, including the presence of children under 18 in the home, marital status and income level. Based on these cuts of the data, six lifestyle categories were created based on demographic commonalities, voluntary product ownership levels and purchase behavior. Each life stage category is then analyzed further in regards to current and future behaviors regarding voluntary product ownership, purchase and benefit communication and enrollment. 

Each of the six life stage segments is analyzed individually and then also analyzed in comparison to the other life stage segments. The six life stage segments are as follows:

  • Lower to Middle Income Singles
  • Lower to Middle Income Couples
  • Higher Income Singles and Couples
  • Lower Income Single Parent Family
  • Lower to Middle Income Families
  • Middle to Higher Income Families

The report is now available for purchase for $2,000. For more information or to order, call today at (860) 676-9633 or email us at info@eastbridge.com.

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