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SAN DIEGO, May 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alcohol and drug dependency can be overwhelming for people who are trying to get their life together. is only one, of the thousands of centers throughout the world that is dedicated to providing help to couples with drug addiction, and alcohol dependency.

The long road to recovery begins with admitting the problem and receiving help. Caring and compassionate counselors, dedicate their time and expertise to people reaching out for help from a couples drug rehab.

Treatment Programs

A dedicated drug recovery program offers client services, they cannot find at similar drug treatment and recovery centers. These are just a few couples drug and alcohol recovery centers offer:

  Relapse prevention classes

  Self-help programs

  Holistic drug and alcohol treatment

  Transitional living programs

  Aftercare treatment

  Group counseling

  Faith based treatment

Couples with drug and alcohol problems often feel separated from society. They may feel embarrassment and discouragement. Our goal is to help couples find a program that is right for them. Trying to kick a drug or alcohol habit is not easy, but there is help available.

Finding A Couples Drug Recovery Program

Every situation and every family structure is different. Our desire is to connect clients with the right treatment program, so they can get the help they need. When one family member has a drug or alcohol problem, it is a family matter, because the entire family is affected.

The majority of drug and alcohol programs will assist the family as a whole, so everyone can heal, at the same time. When clients reach the aftercare treatment they are able to receive support, long after they have completed their program. After care allow clients to enter their environment with a new lease on life. Some clients are able to return to their jobs and families, and continue to strive. Others have to transition to a new job and a new living location.

Programs Available

Transitional living programs are designed to help clients cope with these changes without feeling overwhelmed. When clients are faced with too many challenges, they often divert back to their original behavior, which can cause them to experience a relapse.

Relapse prevention programs are useful in cases such as these, because they provide help and support, for clients who may feel the need to consume drugs and alcohol. For more information on how to get help with drug addiction and alcohol dependency, visit

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