MEDIA ADVISORY: Ontario Health Coalition pre-election tour in Kingston, Tuesday May 22


TORONTO, May 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Health care is at the top of the polls in the Ontario election.  But is what the parties are saying really going to address the twin crises of hospital overcrowding and inadequate seniors’ care?  The OHC will put the current crisis in context, lay out our top priorities to fix it, and measure the parties’ commitment to date against these. 

OHC executive director, Natalie Mehra, who has led the coalition for more than two decades, will review facts and myths from the parties’ election campaigns so far.

The OHC is trying to make a difference in this election and make health promises really matter. We are working to win concrete commitments and measure the rhetoric against reality.

Natalie Mehra will be in Kingston meeting with members of the Family Council Network in long-term care on Tuesday, May 22 and will be available for media interviews between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.

Please contact:  Dana Boettger, OHC Communications 416-441-2502, or
Natalie Mehra, Executive Director 416-230-6402

Ontario Health Coalition
The OHC is a non-partisan public interest group and the largest and broadest on health care in Ontario, representing ½ million people. The OHC represents family and patient groups; the major seniors’ groups in Ontario; public interest advocates; careworkers, health professionals, nurses and their unions; doctors who support public medicare; non-profit organizations; equity, cultural and anti-poverty groups; municipalities; local businesses and others.‎ The OHC works to safeguard and improve public health care for all under the principles of equity and compassion that are embodied in the Canada Health Act.


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