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SAN DIEGO, May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bankruptcy Legal Center, a bankruptcy attorney San Diego, reaches out to those who are being harassed by debt collectors, is facing a home foreclosure, have been sued, or are having wages garnished.  

There are many ways that bankruptcy can protect you and your family.  With the help of an expert bankruptcy attorney, you can stop harassing phone calls, stop the foreclosure of your home dead in its tracks, stop a lawsuit, and even avoid wage garnishment.  There are many other protections available to you, which your lawyer can utilize to protect you from relentless creditors phone calls and harassment.

Stop a Lawsuit

Having a process server show up at your door and hand you a lawsuit can be an unwelcome and stressful situation.  You are now faced with the reality that your credit card lender or other creditor has sued you with the intention of going after your assets.  Their lawyer has a plan: the creditor will obtain a judgment and garnish your wages and put a lien on any property you currently own or hereafter acquire.  If you own property, the lien can also be executed upon, which means that your home can be sold to satisfy the debt depending on the amount of equity that exists on your property.  You have two options: pay the debt, or file a bankruptcy to get out of debt.  Luckily, assuming you qualify, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at our firm will be able to stop a lawsuit, wipe out the underlying debt, and protect your assets.

Wage Garnishment

A sheriff serving your employer with a wage garnishment can be quite embarrassing, to say the least.  It unwantedly brings attention to your finances and places your most private financial matters in the spotlight at your workplace.  Ruthless creditors know that the mere threat of garnishing your wages is enough to cause you to find a way to pay them so that your employer and coworkers won’t know that you are having financial trouble.  If you need to file a bankruptcy to get out of debt, do it before your employer is served.  Once your employer is served and wage garnishment has begun, then you will have to involve your employer because you’ll have to notify them of the bankruptcy to stop the garnishment.  If you act now and give your bankruptcy lawyer enough time to get your petition filed before the notice of the garnishment, then you can remain discrete as there is no reason for your employer ever to get involved in your private financial life.

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