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SAN DIEGO, May 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Drug addiction is truly a serious case that should not be neglected. partners with Los Angeles Drug Rehabs to help struggling individuals get treated from addiction. 

If these warning signs are noticed with you or your loved one do not hesitate to call (888)510-3898

  • Suddenly avoids contact with the family.
  • Experiences rapid mood swings.
  • Steals money from family, friends or others.
  • Becomes defiant.
  • New friends less suitable to the family.
  • New friends are known to use drugs.
  • School conduct becomes a problem (teens).
  • Drop in grades is unexplained (teens).
  • Develops an apathetic attitude toward being successful.
  • Tends to isolate.
  • Withdrawal from former hobbies or sports.

Some of the things you will see:

More illness, running nose, cough, dilated pupils, red eyes, slurred speech, lethargy, apathy (little interest in success in appearance, school or activities which were formerly of interest), smell of marijuana in room or on the child, trancelike state, disorientation, hyperactivity followed by drowsiness, nausea, loss of coordination, loss of appetite, headaches/hangover, red nostrils, slowed speech, absentmindedness, runny nose, weight gain, fatigue, staggering walk.

Some of the things you will find:

Paraphernalia such as pipes, rolling papers, roach clips, empty cigars, cans with a hole in the side, needles, cellophane bags with foreign powder or brown/green stems, seeds, smelly, sticky grass or fine granular smelly substance, glues bottles or aerosol cans, razor blades, ashes on the floor, pills or capsules, pill bottles, long fingernails (especially only the pinky), any foreign papers or objects, powder on nose, and any unusual clothing patterns which display drugs or known drug users. Lastly, look for friendships with new persons whom you suspect for any reason.

These are the symptoms which are the most prevalent, observable and frequent. These, especially when observed in groups of three or four, can be strong signs of drug abuse. Do not let these signs go unattended. Get help as soon as you can in order to begin the process of reconstruction. There is hope. Ask questions of knowledgeable persons at the police station or treatment centers if you are unfamiliar with any of the above.

Do not panic! Seek help.

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