School and Law Enforcement Site Jumps 50% in Traffic Since Recent School Shootings!

Scottsdale, March 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HRBaer Media, LLC announced that its school hot line, a free community service, has received a 50% increase in traffic with many new schools and police departments signing up in the last 60 days, assumedly due to the current outbreak of school shootings. provides a completely anonymous email capability for students or parents to anonymously send leads and tips to schools, local police departments and/or government agencies. Over the years, there have been a number of potential suicides, drug dealings and bullying reported using Anonymous Tips. Numerous life threatening, and serious situations have been averted in various schools as a result of AnonymousTips. has been growing rapidly and currently has over1000 school systems and law enforcement agencies using the service. allows parents and teachers to take a proactive role in protecting our children by reporting problems they see and by encouraging children to report bullying without fear of reprisal. The free site allows users to locate the proper authorities in schools, police departments or government offices, and anonymously tip them off to bullying problems in the community.

Although other agencies may have anonymous tip submissions or 800 numbers,’s system is independent of any district or government, so informers can be confident that they are protected from being identified. The sender is able to visit the site or bring it up on their cell phone, find the agency they want to notify, and send the information at no charge and with no possible exposure.

Rather than an 800 number call in system where the caller could be identified by voice recognition, AnonymousTips is an email system where a person that wants to send a message signs directly on to the Tips site or via their cell phone. When they send the message to the chosen school or law agency, they are sending it through the Anonymous Tips server and using the Tips IP number, blocking theirs from being detectable or traceable.  With this system, it is more likely that people will trust it and not fear sending in tips. 

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