NYNJA Previews Global Communications Platform During Weeklong Blockchain Festival in Puerto Rico 

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, March 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NYNJA Group Ltd. (https://www.nynja.biz/), a global communications and mobile platform technology company, today announced it will preview the alpha version of the NYNJA platform during a series of blockchain events in San Juan, Puerto Rico from March 13th-19th.

NYNJA is the first global communications platform to unify a suite of voice, text and visual messaging services with robust business management and e-commerce features, all powered by the NYNJACoin financial ecosystem and cryptocurrency. Under development since Q1 2017, NYNJA will soon be available in beta version. The public token sale for NYNJACoin will launch on April 17, 2018.

“People and organizations around the world come together billions of times a day to exchange ideas and engage in commerce across borders,” explains NYNJA co-founder and chief strategist of NYNJA Marshall Taplits. “But current systems are laden with friction and barriers to commerce and communication. These include language barriers, high-costs to international transactions and a general operating environment low in trust. Even the most advanced mobile messaging services and online marketplaces are stuck operating through traditional intermediaries such as banks and telecom providers. Using our deeply experienced global technical team, we build upon distributed ledger technology to unify commerce, communications, and governance in a single platform. With this blockchain foundation, we believe we can help individuals and organizations operate in what we refer to as ‘Open Unity,’ an emerging socio-economic reality where considerations of security, privacy, agency, efficiency and reliability are not trade-offs but rather co-exist as integral elements of the system.”

The NYNJA marketplace allows users to buy and sell goods and services globally using NYNJACoin, the ERC20 standard token of NYNJA’s integrated financial ecosystem. With NYNJACoin, users can also access exclusive groups and pay for proprietary in-group content such as licensed digital media assets or timed consultations with experts.

Users can also earn NYNJACoin for viewing ads and sharing branded material like sticker-packs or coupons. Each account can be segmented according to users’ social, consumer and business lives, and comes with a secure Ethereum wallet enabling users to transact freely within the platform for fast international payment transfers without the need for costly external payment providers. Completely scalable and open, the NYNJA platform will enable developers to build value-add applications within NYNJA as well as extend NYNJA’s functionality into their own platforms via an open API and SDK.  NYNJA will also create an accelerator program to encourage developer interest in the platform through consulting, technical assistance and funding.

In addition to comprehensive communication services, NYNJA incorporates a scheduled messaging feature and automatic translation across 98 languages. NYNJA also lets users make free internet calls, make conference calls and transfer calls to any phone. The architecture enables blockchain features such as secure IPFS integration for file storage and features a user-friendly, intuitive interface facilitated by NYNJA’s patent-pending concentric wheel navigation system which enables quick and easy navigation of the app using only one hand regardless of screen size.

“We’re here in Puerto Rico, a hotbed for crypto innovation, to demonstrate the vitality of NYNJA through special presentations showcasing our alpha version at Blockchain Unbound, d10e and CoinAgenda Caribbean,” said NYNJA co-founder and president Alejandro Gramont. “NYNJA is truly set apart from other messaging services not only because it is fully functional for both personal and business use, but because it incorporates a blockchain-enabled, fully integrated, global marketplace and payments system to verify commercial transactions and provide secure communications.”

At launch, NYNJA will be available on Android, iOS, and Web with native development of Mac, Linux and Windows versions to follow.

The company’s co-founders and management team are presenting NYNJA and will be available for private contributor meetings during the following conferences:

d10e, March 14 – NYNJA presentation at 10:40 am
Blockchain Unbound, March 15-16 – private meetings and demos
CoinAgenda, March 17 – afternoon presentation and special brand ambassador announcement

For more information about NYNJA Group Limited, please visit: https://www.nynja.biz/.

Learn more about the NYNJACoin ICO at https://nynjacoinusa.com/.

NYNJA Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based company creating the first international cross-platform communications platform with a built-in cryptocurrency marketplace and crypto wallet. The NYNJA Communicator combines voice, text and visual messaging with robust business management and e-commerce features, all powered by its own financial ecosystem and cryptocurrency, NYNJACoin. With NYNJACoin, users can exchange freelance services and virtual goods, as well as access exclusive content and earn tokens for viewing ads or using branded material.

For more information on the NYNJA app and token sale, please visit: https://www.nynja.biz/.

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