Global Market for Infectious Diseases to Approach $100B by 2022

WELLESLEY, Mass., March 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Drivers of the infectious diseases market include better access to diagnosis and treatment, research on drugs with novel mechanisms of action, and vaccine launches. In an updated study, BCC Research examines the global market for infectious diseases (forecast to reach $99.0 billion by 2022) by therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics.

Key growth markets include the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia regions, although high single-digit growth rates are projected in all areas. Throughout the forecast period, the United States is the biggest market, followed by Europe. Higher cost of treatment accounts for the larger market values in these two regions, even though the number of cases might be lower than in other parts of the world. From $64.8 billion in 2017, worldwide growth is predicted at a compound annual growth rate of 8.9%, according to the report Global Market for Infectious Disease Treatments.

Tools used in infectious disease epidemiology can predict the next outbreak using determinants such as weather, movement patterns of people and their interactions with animals. This BCC Research report highlights some of the tools developed and used to predict infectious disease outbreaks.

Research Highlights

  • Therapeutics for hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS are high-value markets, with anticipated growth rates of 13% and 5.1%, respectively.
  • Among vaccines, influenza has the highest market value, with growth in the next couple of years being driven by conversion to quadrivalent vaccines and immunization of the elderly population. 
  • Diagnostics for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria are high-value markets due to high disease burden and the need for clinically confirmed diagnosis.

“Malaria, primarily in the African markets, and tuberculosis in Southeast Asian countries, are other diseases that are poised for high growth over the next few years,” said BCC Research analyst and report author Megha Joshi-Sood. “Approval of generics, blockbuster drugs going off patent, price control of marketed drugs, regulatory delays or setbacks in immunization will be market deterrents for the next five years.”

Additional Avenues of Infectious Disease Research

Research will also be directed toward patient subgroups, including children, patients with co-infection (HIV/hepatitis or HIV/tuberculosis) and patients infected with drug-resistant forms of a disease. Pandemic preparedness is another factor that will have to be stepped up in the near future. Recent pandemics (Ebola, Zika and influenza) have highlighted the fact that no disease can be assumed to not have a global implication.

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