SwarmSales Launches “Try Before You Hire” Feature

San Francisco, California, Feb. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Swarmsales (www.swarmsales.com), the industry’s first exclusive marketplace connecting independent sales professionals with businesses, announced today that they are launching a “try before you hire” feature to their platform. The new feature will allow companies to engage with sales professionals in the marketplace and engage in sales opportunities immediately. Once a company has established confidence in a sales professional’s approach, they would be able to recruit them off the Swarmsales marketplace for a flat fee.

Learn more about Swarmsales at: https://swarmsales.com/how-it-works-companies.php

“Traditional talent acquisition cycles are costly and time-consuming,” said Derek Sidebottom, President of Squadly. “Swarmsales changes the equation by helping us find and try strong enterprise sales talent on demand to grow our business quickly, with little to no risk. We’ve been very pleased.”

The Swarmsales platform allows enterprise-level companies to:

  • Do more business, faster. Bypass the time it takes to recruit and train. With Swarmsales, you can connect immediately with sales professionals who already have relationships with decision-makers.
  • Grow new territories on demand. With Swarmsales, you can grow your business in new territories without waiting for recruitment or incurring the expense of hiring.
  • Scale at will. Swarmsales allows you to engage as many or as few sales professionals as you need, reducing overhead and wasted expenses.

“There are far too many companies engaging, hiring and turning over sales professionals that weren’t the right fit from the beginning,” says Ankur Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO of SwarmSales. “With SwarmSales, companies can get to know the real professional before extending an offer letter.”

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About SwarmSales:

SwarmSales, Inc. connects businesses with sales professionals to close deals with targeted accounts faster. Swarm Sales, Inc. was founded by Ankur Srivastava, Alex Limeres, and Samir Rajguru in 2016 and is funded by UP2398, a venture capital fund created by eBay veterans and founder Pierre Omidyar.


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