Capilano University President Paul Dangerfield says will not consider Living Wage until 2030

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Capilano University Student Worker Alliance Group (SWAG) met with University President Paul Dangerfield Monday following last Wednesday’s rally and attempt to deliver a petition and open letter calling on the university management to implement a formal Living Wage and Benefits policy.

The student group asked the President if Capilano University could take the lead in becoming a Living Wage campus, which would include both direct and contracted employees.

Dangerfield told the students he would consider making a Living Wage an element of the ‘Campus Master Facilities and Urban Plan,’ which sets out the vision for what the campus would look like in 2030.

Meanwhile, during the transition period, the student group asked the President to conduct a feasibility study to assess the costs of making Capilano University a Living Wage Campus.

Last, the group asked the President to write a letter to Best Service Pros, the contracted cleaning company on campus, stating that they are ready to work with them.

Earlier this year, the contracted cleaners won their right to join a union with SEIU Local 2 after an anti-union boss fight and long legal battle at the BC Labour Board.

The Student Worker Alliance Group at Capilano University will keep the campaign going until all workers on campus win a Living Wage and Benefits.

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