IXYS Expand Its Rugged 1.6KV Line Rectifier Product Range

LEIDEN, Netherlands, Oct. 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), a leader in power semiconductors and IC technologies for energy efficient products used in power conversion and motor control applications, announced today the introduction of a new Rugged Input Rectifier technology with improved performance.

Power input rectifiers with high performances have become a requirement for power systems, in light of cost optimization, by reducing system sizes and filters which led to more dynamic stress for the main rectifiers. The main factors are reduced input filters, capacitor banks and a reduction in silicon content. Beyond that, the general performance of the mains in many countries decreased due to insufficient investment over the years, resulting in events such as overvoltage spikes, sudden voltage and power degradation.

The brunt of all these negative influences has to be taken by the input rectifiers; therefore, highly rugged performance of the rectifiers to withstand excessive dynamic stress has become the benchmark factor in providing reliable solutions. Commutation robustness and power surge capability are the new targets that have to be fulfilled by the power semiconductor industry to allow end users to design competitive applications and products.

In addition to the recently introduced phase-leg rectifier types, IXYS now offers the first single diode products. DMA50I1600HA is a 50 amp diode with a reverse blocking voltage of 1600 volts and it represents the first standard single rectifier with high reliability due to dynamic events during current commutation and unstable mains. Compared to the predecessor DSI45, the new input rectifier diode has a reduced forward voltage drop, better thermal conductivity, and increased current surge capability of over 20%. A 1200V and an 800V version of the 50 amp type complete the portfolio for the different mains.

“The extension of our recently introduced new rugged rectifier portfolio with diode in discrete packages will add design options for our customers,” states Dr. Elmar Wisotzki, Director of Technology for IXYS Germany. “These rectifiers complement our wide selection of Rugged Power MOSFETs, IGBTs and Thyristors in offering a better solution for reliable and efficient power systems.”

The product range for the new diodes contains several phase-leg configurations and single diodes in TO-247. Further products in other packages, especially as SMD, are coming soon.

DMA30P1200HB   30A / 1200V   Diode Phase-Leg   TO-247
DMA30P1600HB   30A / 1600V   Diode Phase-Leg   TO-247
DMA50P1200HB   50A / 1200V   Diode Phase-Leg   TO-247
DMA50P1600HB   50A / 1600V   Diode Phase-Leg   TO-247
DMA50I1600HA   50A / 1600V   Single Diode   TO-247
DMA50I1200HA   50A / 1200V   Single Diode   TO-247
DMA50I800HA   50A / 800V   Single Diode   TO-247

Additional product information can be obtained by visiting the IXYS website http://www.ixys.com/ or by contacting the company directly.

About IXYS Corporation

Since its founding, IXYS Corporation has been developing power semiconductors and mixed signal ICs to improve power conversion efficiency, generate solar and wind power and provide efficient motor control for industrial applications. IXYS and its subsidiary companies offer a diversified product base that addresses worldwide needs for power control in the growing cleantech industries, renewable energy markets, telecommunications, medical devices, transportation applications, flexible displays and RF power.

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