Tautachrome Recognizes the Emergence of a Trustable Imagery Industry

ORO VALLEY, Ariz., July 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tautachrome, Inc. (OTCQB:TTCM) announced today that with additional players and products working and entering the burgeoning trustable imagery space, a trustable imagery industry has emerged.

In early 2013 Dr. Jon Leonard and a group of highly accredited technology associates identified a deep and intrinsic need for trustable imagery to accompany the explosion in the creation and sharing of digital pictures and videos resulting from the massive and worldwide growth of camera-equipped smartphones, tablets and other digital devices.

Having identified the need for digital picture evolution, Dr. Leonard and his associates immediately set about inventing and creating the forefront technology for the future of digital pictures filing a raft of patent claims to capture their intellectual property. The lead patent was issued February 28, 2017, and more patent approvals are expected as the year unfolds.

While Tautachrome considers itself the technology development and market leader with its patented KlickZie technology, Tautachrome is today acknowledging the increase in market stakeholders, commentators and participants.

Tautachrome’s Intellectual Property and Patent protection division diligently monitors various areas of business to ensure the integrity of intellectual property developed and owned by Tautachrome and its subsidiaries.

Tautachrome’s board of directors has also been advised that The Twenty Second Trust (a Nugent family trust which is the major common shareholder and a strong supporter of trustable imaging technology) in recognition of the de facto emergence of this new trustable imagery industry has reached out to Truepic, Inc of San Diego, a recent entrant into the industry, to discuss the advancement of this new industry.

“Trustable imagery for the masses of users of smartphones and other digital imagers encompasses a giant worldwide marketplace that will accommodate many players.” said Dr Jon N Leonard the Company’s CEO. “We welcome collaboration among all the players in the development of this new industry.”

Tautachrome’s patented KlickZie technology is aimed at turning smartphones and other digital imagers into trusted imaging devices that are able to turn out pictures and videos that can be completely trusted by any third party. To be trustable, imagery must be “activated” meaning robustly and undetectably marked as it is made, so that wherever the imagery goes and whatever happens to it will be knowable only by our KlickZie algorithms. The secret sauce of trustability is activation-marking. The Company knows of no other way to get to the trust we have in view except via KlickZie activation.

CEO Leonard, speaking about KlickZie technology said, “Without activation, trustability is fragile and easily broken and often not trustable at all. Moreover, once imagery is activated its trustability becomes a property of the imagery itself, not of its chain of custody or of by whom or in what way it has been handled. And of critical importance, is a secondary valuable property of KlickZie activation, namely that every KlickZie activated picture or video can be used as a floating portal of communication. We believe that providing KlickZie imagery with impromptu comms properties promises high monetization capability.”

About Tautachrome, Inc.

Tautachrome, Inc. (OTCQB:TTCM) is an internet technology development company with operations in America and Australia. Tautachrome has revolutionary patent claims issued and pending, including Talk-to-the-Picture social networking and trustable imagery-based interaction.

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