AdMarker on a mission to change the face of online advertising

New York City, NY, Oct. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AdMarker, formerly PopMarker an in-image ad company, has just announced the release of its redesigned platform. What makes AdMarker fundamentally different from every other provider on the market today, is its focus on creating a more reader-friendly context for positive ad experiences.

While most ad platforms push publishers to go bigger and louder, AdMarker aims to be far more discreet with subtle, unintrusive icons that sit within the empty space inside a publisher’s images. AdMarker’s unique pin ads only reveal a sponsored message when a reader shows interest by hovering the mouse over a pin.

Sarper Kocabiyik, AdMarker’s CEO and Co-founder believes that visitors should have the choice of whether or not to view an ad saying “Readers are sick of annoying ads screaming for their attention and interrupting their browsing experience. We believe the future of advertising is centered around encouraging visitors to opt-in or show interest before forcing a message down their throats. AdMarker is the sophisticated publisher’s alternative to brand friendly monetization”.  

Beyond its next gen ad types, Admarker’s proprietary image recognition engine is constantly running in real time, updating and analyzing every uploaded image to find the most appropriate ad to pair with it.

The launch of the AdMarker brand, came with the following platform enhancements:

  • Live metrics and advanced data reporting
  • Forensiq’s cutting edge ad fraud prevention systems
  • A number of major ad partners
  • Advanced visitor profiling
  • Improved yield management systems

With a track record of high-profile clients including Marie Claire, Nike, Toshiba and MTV, and CTRs of up to 3% (compared to the 0.01% industry average), the AdMarker team are confident that their technology will play a major role in creating a more sustainable online ad ecosystem.

AdMarker’s US based publishers are now seeing:

  • Viewability rates of 81% on average across their various ad types
  • 1.8% CTR Across All Ad Units
  • Premium CPM value
  • Relevant Advertising

AdMarker’s unique take on in-image advertising makes it a powerful addition to any publisher’s monetization stack. And with campaigns that generate 20X the CTR of traditional display ads, it’s no wonder big brands are flocking to partner with providers like AdMarker. If you’re a publisher looking to grow your revenues with more relevant, less intrusive ads, sign up with AdMarker here!

About AdMarker: AdMarker formerly known as PopMarker is an in-image advertising platform based in New York City, NY. Founded in 2014, PopMarker has won a number of awards including the Global Innovator II Award and Long Island Software Award. AdMarker helps publishers turn their images into lucrative ad inventory to serve more relevant, less intrusive ads to their visitors. It uses sophisticated image recognition software to place the right ad in front of the right person at the right time.

CONTACT: Danny Schaffer