Is $AVXL $AVXLD Moving Back Up Above $10? #Anavex Life Sciences Corp.

Is $AVXL $AVXLD Moving Back Up Above $10? #Anavex Life Sciences Corp.
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This was a huge week for Anavex Life Sciences Corp (OTCQB: AVXL, AVXLD).  There is so much happening as we enter the weekend, I know this is one of the most talked about stocks around.  It is also one of the most moderated stocks around!  Wow, you will see that below. Don’t take that as a negative that I show the deletes. Really, I believe in open discussion, not silencing the bashers!  That’s on Ihub, but first let’s sample the Twitterverse on AVXLD (Can’t wait to get back to just calling it AVXL!).

The Buzz…

Joseph has this…

Logan Becker asks @DayTradeWarrior this question:

Johnny B Bounces!

Hunter Straus sees a huge spread:

Joseph Retrweets with emoji’s en masse:



Now IHUB Has Been Massively Passionate about AVXLD/AVXL!  Let’s See That Buzz:


Joshalex5 did not bail out when the reverse split was announced. Did he make the right call?

I was very scared today but did not sell like I did when rs was announced. Had to buy higher. Today I stood firm did not let fear take my shares I held on. The story is what we are buying


Mnoutlaw21 tells Josh he is ALL IN:

Josh, $ALL IN, PD TRADER have all disappeared once again

Regarding the filing, Frrol:

You didn’t read the form before commenting. Not helpful. 

He was replying to Amatuer17 who said this: “The form 8-a12b may also be issued if the company is issuing preferred stock.”


Stealthways reminds others to follow their own advice:

probably because some of the most active posters here did not heed their own advice (be patient long) and tried to trade sentiment, and did horrible …jmo


JB3729 asks this question and the moderators come in and DELETE. Thou shall not speak negative, or ask unauthorized questions. We understand that these are likely Hillary Clinton Supporters as moderators, as they use the same tactics!

Time to get out of the market? (The DELETED post link!)

Jockimo answers Amatuer17 with this:

Yes, just ask all the people that bought

What did Amatuer17 ask here?

I will not sell until Dr. Missling sells his shares or retires a billionaire. Hell he hasn’t made a bad decision since I’ve been here. Gotta love those Germans. They really have integrity instilled in them.


TomP1 uses a three letter word starting with F and uses a Trump Huge:

If the science gets confirmed, this will be f** huuuge


Stock2re is not selling a single share for a long time:

Yup! Dr. M has done what he said he would so far.
I invested on the company because of the Science and the management in place. Being in since .40 pre-split and have been adding. Not selling a single share for a long time.


Bman49ers hanging on until Missling sells:

I will not sell until Dr. Missling sells his shares or retires a billionaire. Hell he hasn’t made a bad decision since I’ve been here. Gotta love those Germans. They really have integrity instilled in them.


Stock2re asks and GETS DELETED!

joshalex5! Where are you? You were clapping, jumping



* * $AVXL Video Chart 10-23-15 * *


Grasshopper4980 expects a VERY interesting Monday!

They will come, It just broke at closing bell, as ppl discover this info over the weekend you will see alot of hooplah. Monday shall be a VERY interesting day indeed.



Congratulations! Started from the bottom now we here..!

Amatuer17 asks for congratulations if so big:

So it’s a big news – why no big congratulations on the board? Why no PR?
(Two did congratulate, but no need to link to those)


Grasshopper4980 shares the filing info:

Filing Date
2015-10-23 15:17:38
Filing Date Changed
Effectiveness Date



Sokol added more Today:

Great! I added again today as well.

Canoepaddler thinks it’s all positive as we go to Monday:

All very positive heading into Monday!! Lot people trying to scam cheap shares here. We are in great shape IMO!

Itsthebox1 added 1360:

Awesome day! Picked up 1360 with avg of $7.14, Although it was a bit unnerving waking up to it down 16%


10MM @ $10. Won’t that just suck!

Holding average on this board is probably $3.20

Don’t forget the reasoning behind the speculative nature of iHub sleuths. That’s why we’re here first! Bring on the raise!


Did ONCS do a successful mouse study as AVXL has done?
I don’t think they’ve done anything as successful as Anavex. smile

PUT that COFFEE DOWN. Coffee’s for closers only.
No shit, huh! I have to earn $4000 before I get a cup!

Time for a “wet” Martini. Cheers crew!

TomP1 noted what he considered a pumper had arrived…

Oh look Jbems biggest pumper has arrived just   (OF COURSE THE MODERATORS DELETED!)

Polock21 is not following the boards BULLISH REQUIREMENT…

“Easy double” you don’t know anything other than (YES, ANOTHER DELETE! NOTHING LIKE OPEN DIALOGUE, RIGHT?)

Maskone Watches the day come to an end Friday

Lol someone got pissed and shorted a market order to 7.18 lmfao boy oh boy what a day

Jockimo sees uplisting notice coming next week. Is he right? Let’s hope so!

No problem. My guess we list Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully a PR after the close.

Regarding a secondary, I think we would have seen a secondary and uplist together if they planned on doing a raise. I don’t think we’ll see a secondary before news on 11/7, but you can never rule it out.


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