Lot’s of Buzz Today on $RDSH coming from the Boards

Lot’s of Buzz Today on $RDSH coming from the Boards

There’s quite a lot of trading and Buzz for Roadships Holdings, Inc. (OTC: RDSH).  With little to no news lately at all, where is it all coming from. Let’s find out by looking at The Buzz:

The biggest Buzz is at Ihug. Let’s start there:

How do you do your due diligence on a stock? 

  • Do you look at company press releases?
  • Do you read the SEC filings?
  • Do you look for statements made by the key executives that are on the record? 

NONE OF THAT applies to RDSH. Here’s where you should be looking for the real facts on a stock. It’s the PINNED OR STICKY POSTS on IHUB:

 Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.26.41 PM

Let’s look at the one with the “Target of 2$” by Grand$tander:

Target 2$, only 530M Float, +2,4B_shares_Restricted_by_Insiders, Float locked by longterm shareholders that arent going to sell anytime soon. Very low shares available @the ask, trades like an 100M Float stock.

+2,4B shares are restricted for 1 year, those shares are with voting rights and wont get sold, reflecting the owning rights of the dirs.

No Preferred shares issued, no toxic financing, no convertible Notes, no dilution, no R/S in the Past.

And massive Funding awaited very soon, rumors are very high, dollar Share Price Potential @least.

Massive Reputations, from Nasa, Nasdaq, Google, Us Department of defense, Calmec, Silicon Valley and so go on.

Ask is very thin, RDSH <<< UPDATE… Through comment section we determined that Grand$tander is NOT with RDSH


Ghost Radio says:

This is the second time I’ve seen it sink past the supposed bottom and slingshot back to finish green by EOD. Beyond impressed by this stock…it all has to mean something.

Gman 5287 says it’s a 100% buy: Can’t beat this!

Even after that dip this is STILL a 100% buy!!!

Twitter is dominated strictly by auto-posts coming from Ihub, so there’s not much to show there. All of this is at Ihub when it comes to what is happening here.