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Growing Buzz on $PLUG – Plug Power Inc. – Are 2014’s Highs Likely Again?

18There is no doubt that Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG) is on the upswing. What’s behind this run since its lows in September? Is there any chance it can reach the highs the stock saw in 2014?  While I kind of doubt the 2014 for the moment, let’s look at what is happening. 

Here is the Buzz on PLUG: 

Here’s part one from a fan…

Part two from a fan:

Clay Trader: 

Michael Bigger has some thoughts!


Travis sees it as a solid day yesterday:

Investor Analytics is bearish… That’s just a technical check. Fundamentally, I disagree!

Oscar says it’s “Re-bouncing”

Ryan Terry is happy… 

My Allies with this: 

Here’s Hydrogen2020 with a look at the year 2020:

Antonio is looking for a SQUEEEEEEEZE Play: 

Essex is happy to be out of most for a small gain: 

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