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Is Inside Info Buzzing for $BIEL #BioElectronics Corp? Word of Likely FDA Approval All OVER

This one gets a 8/10 for The StockGuru Buzz Index.

It’s BioElectronics Corp. (OTC: BIEL).

We’re seeing a huge upswing in posts on Ihub for BIEL. We noticed that as the market was in the closing minutes Friday, BIEL began to swing violently upward:

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Above you can see the first few hours were relatively flat… then this stuff started coming out:

We see @WALLSTREET_OTC putting out these hints!

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That’s not the only one  making that suggestion: 

That’s when all hell broke loose! But in a positive way.

The Battle Begins on Ihug: 

While Twitter is starting to come alive, the real Buzz right now is at Ihug, as the huggers and the bashers are battling it out!

Here’s a screen shot of the action, greatly reduced, so you can see the number of posts. Want to read the action? Go to Ihub and see it yourself.

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This stock has risks. Don’t just read the positive posts. 

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