Penny Stocks For beginner or Dummies

The beginner investors mostly make many mistakes when trading penny stocks. Penny stock investors need some skills and tact to trade successfully.

The first trick for trading penny stocks in a good manner is to never to invest more money that you can afford to lose right from the start. Small cap stocks are much volatile and risky stocks, so not put all your money in them.

It is better for penny stock investors not to hire a full time broker as there are many dues to pay, instead its enough good to choose a discount online trading broker that will allow you to trade penny stocks by yourself at smallest costs.

Mostly manipulators and scammers made their prey to new and inexperienced traders. They are paid by stock issuing companies to support the stock, so they spread the rumors about better position of stocks. Penny stock common frauds are must be considered, when going to trade penny stocks.

The fourth penny stock tip is to compiling a list of hot penny stocks to watch. There are a bundle of stocks in market, of course the investor can get a few from them, so try to pick hot stocks.

After compiling the hot stocks list, try to do a proper research on them, and check the daily price movements, the volume of stock, the market capitalization, the beta, the 52 week range and other aspects. Concentrate on the small cap stocks that are currently trading at a minimum of $ 0.05 and a maximum of $2.00 to ensure good liquidity levels.

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