StockGuru Leader Board: ION Geophysical Corporation (NYSE: IO) Closed Up 16.98% on Thursday

ION Geophysical Corporation (NYSE: IO) is on The StockGuru Leader Board today.  The stock closed up 16.98% on Thursday.

Volume was 6,218,673 shares traded.

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About the Company:

ION Geophysical Corporation provides geophysical technology, services, and solutions for the oil and gas industry internationally. It operates through four segments: Solutions, Systems, Software, and INOVA Geophysical. The Solutions segment provides seismic data processing services for marine and land environments, reservoir solutions, onboard processing and quality control, and seismic data libraries, as well as services to manage the seismic process that comprise survey planning and design, data acquisition and management, pre-processing, and final subsurface imaging. The Systems segment offers DigiSTREAMER system, a towed streamer and VectorSeis Ocean system, a system for seismic data acquisition using redeployable ocean bottom cable; shipboard recorders; DigiCOURSE, a marine streamer positioning system; DigiFIN streamer control systems; source and source control systems, such as air guns and air gun controllers; and analog geophone sensors. The Software segment provides software systems and services comprising Orca, a software product for towed streamer navigation and integrated data management applications; SPECTRA, an integrated navigation and survey control software system; GATOR software system for multi-vessel ocean bottom cable and transition zone operations; and post-survey tools, including REFLEX software for seismic coverage and attribute analysis, and Optimiser technology planning tool. This segment also offers consulting services for planning, designing, and supervising surveys, including 4D and WATS survey operations. The INOVA Geophysical segment offers cable-based, cable less, and radio-controlled seismic data acquisition systems; digital sensors; vibroseis vehicles (vibrator trucks); and source controllers for detonator and energy sources. The company was formerly known as Input/Output, Inc. ION Geophysical Corporation was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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