The iPhone 4S – Full Coverage of The Charging Issue

How has your iPhone 4S performed?  Some say that this is easily fixed.  We found a couple of great step-by-step guides to fix yours. We link to all of these.  Let’s start with a great slideshow on

The image above is from that slide show.  Either click on the image above, or go to THIS LINK to get those directions.

This from IBTIMES:

Despite the A5 dual-core processor and Apple’s promise the iPhone 4S would have a longer lasting battery, many users have been complaining on the MacRumors forum that their new devices lose battery quickly.

“If you spend much of your day near a Wi-Fi network and only rely upon the iPhone 4S for web browsing and phone calling, you won’t notice a major difference-unless you’re thinking of switching to Sprint, in which case we’d be a little concerned,” iLounge reported. “Similarly, if you use 3G data, plan to record or play videos, or want to listen to hours of audio during the day, you can expect greater battery drain from the iPhone 4S.”




This is from GottaBeMobile:

“iPhone 4S: How To Get Better Battery Life”

Image from GottaBeMobile – SEE POST HERE – This site has great images that also take you step-by-step through the process.  A quote from that site:

“The iPhone 4S already has pretty good battery life, but if you plan to use it heavily, or to take it on vacation, you’ll want to know how to squeeze every last bit of power out of the iPhone.

“Here is a collection of ways you can extend the life of your iPhone, without sacrificing your user experience.

“If software tweaks aren’t enough, we have a few iPhone 4S accessories that will help you get better battery life, even though you can’t replace the battery on the iPhone 4S.”