Medina International Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: MIHI) – Hydro-Tain, How can it help in Oil-Spill Recovery?

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Hydro-Tain is a coagulant that functions by adsorbing virtually any hydrocarbon based liquid. When Hydro-Tain comes in contact with any liquid hydrocarbon it rapidly (within seconds or minutes) adsorbs the hydrocarbon and changes it to a hardened floating material. The material is easily retrieved or skimmed off the water surface, using booms, nets, or vacuum equipment; it can even be corralled into place by water hoses.

EPA classified patent pending Hydro-Tain is a product of Wintec Protective Systems, a subsidiary of Medina International Holdings.   Mr. Rao Mankal, CFO said that the company believes that the EPA classification gives the product the credibility and third-party verification necessary to effectively market it worldwide and that its status as a patent pending product gives them  the protection they need in the marketplace.

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