GreenHunter Energy, Inc. (NYSE Amex: GRH) – Explains Other Investment Highlights on Texas’ Renewable Fuels Campus

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GreenHunter Biofuels’ renewable fuels campus in Texas possesses highly strategic assets which can be used to offer alternative sources of revenue further justifying the facility’s exposure to market conditions as well as reducing its overall cost basis. Its’ glycerine purification refinery is sized to produce 20 million gallons a year of technical grade glycerine utilizing sourced crude glycerine feedstock from third parties as well as its own biodiesel process.  The facility is as well capable of processing 16 million gallons per year of low-cost, contaminated methanol into a commercial grade and marketable substance.

GreenHunter Biofuels, Inc. is a subsidiary of GreenHunter Energy, Inc., owner and operator of the largest bioplant in Houston, biomass facilities in California and Florida and wind projects in California, Montana and New Mexico.

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