Tivus, Inc. (OTCPK: TIVU) Delivers Strong Q2 Outlook

Tivus, Inc. (OTCPK: TIVU) is a technology entertainment services company providing Internet-based TV and Cable programming, interactive game content, and goods and services to the hotel and hospitality industry.

Tivus Strong Q2 Outlook

  • To-date, the company has entered into agreements for 2,500 hotel rooms with more than 300 rooms installed during the first quarter.
  • The Company has announced that it expects three times, or more, that number of rooms to go live during the second quarter.
  • The Company has announced that it expects to maintain their installation schedule and meet the projected late-summer completion date.
  • TiVus now has nearly 900 rooms live to create a home-like experience for hotel guests.

Revenue Example of Ad-Revenue Sharing Business Model

The company released a revenue examples of its ad-revenue sharing business model.

Using published data from the Company, a fully implemented Tivus HD IPTV COD system, generates an average of $3.50 per-day, multiplied by 365 days, equals annual gross revenues of $383,250 for every 300 rooms, or $1,277,500 for every 10000 rooms.

The company does note that most hotels do not have a 365 day occupancy rate.

Contact Information:

Tivus Inc Global Headquarter
1616 Dodge St
Suite # 9
Omaha NE 68102

Tivus, Inc.

15418 Weir Street, Suite 108
Omaha, Nebraska 68137
Telephone: 402-953-5322
Fax: 770-531-1632
Website: www.tivus.com

For more information, please visit:
www.tivus.com and
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