Brekford Corp. (OTCQB: BFDI) Automated Traffic Enforcement Hottest New Technological Area in Law Enforcement

Brekford Corp. (OTCQB: BFDI) Automated Traffic Enforcement Hottest New Technological Area in Law Enforcement

Brekford Corp. (OTCQB: BFDI) is an established company which has for more than a decade provided its products and services to branches of the U.S. military, various federal entities and numerous security and public safety agencies throughout the United States.

It is with this focus for the past ten years that BFDI has build a solid reputation and foundation.  Now BFDI is moving quickly and positively into Automated Traffic Enforcement from A to Z.  They provide and install cutting edge equipment.  In addition they run the back office for traffic violation collection.

Automated Traffic Enforcement is the hottest, newest technological development for law enforcement.  This win-win situation for cash strapped municipalities does much more than generate revenue from automated traffic enforcement.  This frees up law enforcement personnel to pursue more serious issues, creates a safer driving environment (based upon documented studies), and it generates additional revenue.

Photo Red Light and Speed Enforcement

Brekford’s photo red light and its speed enforcement programs help reduce the incidences of aggressive driving, through voluntary compliance while delivering a revenue stream municipalities need so greatly at this time.

The Automated Traffic Enforcement focus represents a tremendous growth opportunity for Brekford. While currently 450 communities operate Automated Traffic Enforcement Progams, this number is expected to expand rapidly.

Brekford’s Automated Traffic Enforcement Group (ATEG) offers intersection safety (red light), photo speed, work zone and school bus enforcement programs with a complete suite of program support solutions.

The Brekford Systems:

  • Turn-key packages.
  • Provided with COPS2000® violations processing system.
  • Non-intrusive laser or RADAR based detection systems require no road cutting.
  • Proven red light and speed camera solutions.
  • Most customizable solutions in the industry.

Automated Traffic Enforcement is a concept that is in its infancy and Brekford is right there, with tens years of established relationships with law enforcement, delivering a product they can trust.


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