Biopack Environmental Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: BPAC) Win-Win-Win

Biopack Environmental Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: BPAC) has been in the environmentally sound packaging business since 1995.

This is a concept everyone in this country fundamentally understands.  We have got to get a handle on our waste and our landfill.

What Biopack brings to the table is packaging that is 100 percent biodegradable, recyclable, sustainable and compostable.

Really, I could stop right there and you would get it.  Companies want this product, consumers want this product and if it is competitive economically then biodegradable will win every time.

Check out BPAC’s chart.  People are voting for BPAC.

White Pollution

A significant amount of the waste currently going to landfills consists of packaging and containers designed for temporary, one-use food containment. In China, the non-biodegradable packaging and containers has been associated with a visual problem that called “White Pollution”. The lack of environmental awareness amongst the citizenry contribute to the adverse impact caused by plastic materials; they throw away used foam boxes everywhere, unaware of the effect on their city’s image and environment.

Once in landfill, these materials break down very slowly, thus creating a significant waste disposal impact.

  • Potential increase in landfill burdens
  • Potential increase in toxic emissions to the environment
  • Potential increase in the use of non-renewable resources

Biopack Environmental Solutions

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