YCNG – Great Story and Great Movement up 61% Since Spotlight – BMOD in Tight Range – Perfect for Trading

YCNG – Great Story and Great Movement up 61% Since Spotlight – BMOD in Tight Range – Perfect for Trading

StockGuru Spotlight September 30, 2010


Dear Members:

Today we are looking at two sleepy little companies in the lower end market cap range.  YCNG has a $10M market cap and BMOD has a $15M market cap.  This means these companies can sustain low volume and high volume and should be excellent trading stocks.  You know we pick triple digit winners all the time, but this is where we start.

Making 20% to 30% in the same company, multiple times, is just as good as a triple digit winner.  BMOD looks like one of those companies.  YCNG has to execute on its business model and its real proof will be in the 10Q.

YCNG has a company story that will appeal to everyone, they trade electronics on the web.  How many old cell phones do you have in some desk drawer.  In some countries these have value, though they may be outdated to you.  How many laptops have you accumulated over the years?  Trading them is environmentally correct, provides someone with good technology and puts a little money in your pocket.  This is a great idea and with a nice $10M market cap, these guys might pull this off.

BMOD just got that all important lifeline financing, albeit very small, $560K and they took 2M warrants.  However, this indicates some institutional investor believes in their product and believes this company can sustain its price and volume.  Here the question is what price did they take the warrants?  (See the 8-K or look below.)  This product is a long way from FDA Clearance but lifeline financing means this company has a chance, at least, to make it and probably trade in a tight range for a while.  Making 25% four times is as good as making 100%.  These guys are capped at $0.25 for a while.

YCNG – Sleepy Little No News Company
$10M Market Cap – Not Bad
61% High Since Initial Spotlight

YCNG has  launched an electronic recycling, rewards and buyback website, youchange.com for both consumers and businesses. In conjunction with the website launch and as part of the social media rollout, YouChange simultaneously launched the official Facebook page already adding hundreds of new fans and friends.  YouChange is an electronics industry re-Commerce company that has created a one-stop online platform for consumers and businesses to trade in their used electronics for rewards and cash.

YCNG Press Release Stock Guru YCNG

BMOD Up As Much As 20%

Cancer diagnostics company Biomoda, Inc.  has closed a private placement of $560,000 in principal amount of convertible debentures with two institutional investors. Under the terms of the private placement, Biomoda also issued to the investors warrants to purchase 2,000,000 shares of stock.  The convertible debentures will mature on August 31, 2011 and bear interest at an annual rate of ten percent.  Biomoda’s CyPath(R) diagnostic assay binds to cancer cells and causes them to fluoresce under specific frequencies of light. Pending FDA approval as a Class III medical device, CyPath(R) is for investigational use only. The securities described above were sold by Biomoda to non-affiliates in a private placement transaction.

Their 8-K indicates:  (i) an aggregate of $560,000 in principal amount of convertible notes (“Notes”), with a conversion price  equal to the lesser of $.25 or 80% of the average of the three lowest daily VWAPs for the 20 consecutive trading days prior to the date on which a Purchaser elects to convert all or part of its Note and  (ii) 5-Year Warrants to purchase an aggregate of 2,000,000 shares of common stock with an exercise price of $0.25 per share.

BMOD Press Release StockGuru BMOD

Today’s Spotlight Highlights Yellow Highlights Represent New Highs Yesterday

Stock Pick Date Pick Price Stock High Up As Much As Market  Cap
Jul 9 $      0.08 PTSC $ 0.26 225% 55.15M
Aug 9 $      0.17 FMTI $ 0.51 200% 2.31M
Jul 29 $      0.06 SMME $ 0.15 150% 12.28M
Sep 1 $      0.09 MXSG $ 0.22 144% 30.38M
Jul 9 $      0.20 SRRL $ 0.45 125% 15.33M
Sep 15 $      0.57 AXLX $ 1.25 119% 16.90M
Jul 13 $      0.87 ROHI $ 1.80 107% 45.93M
Jun 17 $      0.39 RBYC $ 0.78 100% 11.97M
Aug 2 $      0.10 PHLI $ 0.20 100% 2.29M
Jul 1 $      0.35 LBRG $ 0.70 100% 56.60M
Jun 25 $      0.32 SKPI $ 0.96 200% 43.80M
Jul 2 $      0.30 VUOC $ 0.58 93% 34.46M
Aug 31 $      0.045 PVHO $ 0.09 100% 2.75M
Aug 30 $      0.65 AJGH $ 1.10 69% 26.12M
Aug 5 $      0.24 GLXZ $ 0.40 80% 13.81M
Sep 1 $      0.27 EVSI $ 0.45 67% 17.02M
Aug 18 $      0.14 BFRE $ 0.23 64% 6.57M
Jun 25 $      0.49 NENE $ 0.79 61% 38.68M
Aug 27 $      0.25 GLXZ $ 0.45 60% 13.81M
Jun 18 $      1.35 WOVT $ 2.13 58% 123.45M
Sep 8 $      0.07 BFDI $ 0.11 57% 4.01M
Aug 30 $      0.30 VKNG $ 0.47 57% 22.32M
Jun 22 $      0.16 PROP $ 0.25 56% 5.21M
Aug 18 $      0.30 IDLM $ 0.46 53% 25.73M
Jun 17 $      1.21 TURV $ 1.85 53% 19.67M
Sep 13 $      0.03 SSOL $ 0.05 50% 31.84M
Jun 18 $      1.35 SFES $ 2.00 48% 45.65M
Aug 31 $      0.20 FORC $ 0.29 45% 11.00M
Sep 17 $      0.09 ENSL $ 0.13 44% 37.00M
Jul 27 $      1.25 TURV $ 1.80 44% 19.67M
Sep 13 $      0.55 RBYC $ 0.77 40% 11.97M
Jul 16 $      1.22 XTGR $ 1.70 39% 57.25M
Sep 15 $      3.00 DYNV $ 4.05 35% 22.28M
Aug 30 $      0.74 CSGH $ 1.07 45% 48.08M

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