VKNG Hitting the No Brainer Territory Up 57% and SFEG Solid Up as Much as 38%

VKNG Hitting the No Brainer Territory Up 57% and SFEG Solid Up as Much as 38%

StockGuru Spotlight September 29, 2010


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StockGuru Spotlights Santa Fe Gold today (OTCBB: SFEG).  Over the summer SFEG has delivered a solid 38% gain with a $100M market cap.  We like that, a lot.   Yesterday, we got the news that SFEG signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to acquire all of the outstanding shares of common stock of Columbus Silver Corp (TSXV:CSC) in exchange for shares of Santa Fe common stock.  Upon completion Columbus Silver shareholders will own 8.63% of Santa Fe.  We know SFEG can run a gold mining business.  Two weeks ago they announced the initial shipment of 20 tons of precious metals concentrate to Aurubis AG, EuropeaEUR(TM)s largest copper and precious metals smelter.  We like this deal, we like SFEG.

StockGuru picked Viking Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: VKNG) again today.  Viking was an August 30, 2010, Spotlight and we liked the return.  We still like it with a solid $22M market cap and FDA Clearance in place.  Look at the chart and you will see why.  This has got to be the biggest no brainer of the last six months, at this point.  VKNG has had a nice leg up and looks to be consolidating in the $0.40 range.  The Company has scheduled the launch of its Next Generation 3DHD Visualization System for Monday, October 4, 2010 at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress (ACS) being held October 3-7 in Washington, DC.  This coming out party could propel another leg up.  Put October 4, 2010, Viking Launch Date on you calendar.

Galaxy Gaming (OTCBB GLXZ) has expanded its operations into Colorado. We favor the House on this one.  With a market cap of just $14.5M we might wait and see, but this is a definite watch for now.  The first casinos to go live with Galaxy Gaming’s products include the Lady Luck Casino, an Isle of Capri property and the Ameristar Casino, both located in Blackhawk, just west of Denver. The Colorado gaming market has recently seen significant expansion due to legislation allowing casinos to offer craps and roulette, remain open 24 hours a day and raised the maximum wager from $5 to $100. There are currently 41 casinos operating in Colorado with approximately 23 of those now offering table games.

SFEG – Moving on News – Moving on Revenue
Moving on Quality – Moving on Market Cap
Looking Very Solid with a Strong 38% High Since Initial Spotlight

SFEG Press Release Stock Guru SFEG

VKNG Up As Much As 57%

VKNG Press Release StockGuru VKNG

GLXZ Up As Much As 88%

GLXZ Press Release StockGuru GLXZ

Today’s Spotlight Highlights

Stock Pick Date Pick Price Stock High Up As Much As Market  Cap
Jul 9 $      0.08 PTSC $ 0.26 225% 55.15M
Aug 9 $      0.17 FMTI $ 0.51 200% 2.31M
Jul 29 $      0.06 SMME $ 0.15 150% 12.28M
Sep 1 $      0.09 MXSG $ 0.22 144% 30.38M
Jul 9 $      0.20 SRRL $ 0.45 125% 15.33M
Sep 15 $      0.57 AXLX $ 1.25 119% 16.90M
Jul 13 $      0.87 ROHI $ 1.80 107% 45.93M
Jun 17 $      0.39 RBYC $ 0.78 100% 11.97M
Aug 2 $      0.10 PHLI $ 0.20 100% 2.29M
Jul 1 $      0.35 LBRG $ 0.70 100% 56.60M
Jun 25 $      0.32 SKPI $ 0.96 200% 43.80M
Jul 2 $      0.30 VUOC $ 0.58 93% 34.46M
Aug 31 $      0.045 PVHO $ 0.09 100% 2.75M
Aug 30 $      0.65 AJGH $ 1.10 69% 26.12M
Aug 5 $      0.24 GLXZ $ 0.40 80% 13.81M
Sep 1 $      0.27 EVSI $ 0.45 67% 17.02M
Aug 18 $      0.14 BFRE $ 0.23 64% 6.57M
Jun 25 $      0.49 NENE $ 0.79 61% 38.68M
Aug 27 $      0.25 GLXZ $ 0.45 60% 13.81M
Jun 18 $      1.35 WOVT $ 2.13 58% 123.45M
Sep 8 $      0.07 BFDI $ 0.11 57% 4.01M
Aug 30 $      0.30 VKNG $ 0.47 57% 22.32M
Jun 22 $      0.16 PROP $ 0.25 56% 5.21M
Aug 18 $      0.30 IDLM $ 0.46 53% 25.73M
Jun 17 $      1.21 TURV $ 1.85 53% 19.67M
Sep 13 $      0.03 SSOL $ 0.05 50% 31.84M
Jun 18 $      1.35 SFES $ 1.99 47% 45.65M
Aug 31 $      0.20 FORC $ 0.29 45% 11.00M
Sep 17 $      0.09 ENSL $ 0.13 44% 37.00M
Jul 27 $      1.25 TURV $ 1.80 44% 19.67M
Sep 13 $      0.55 RBYC $ 0.77 40% 11.97M
Jul 16 $      1.22 XTGR $ 1.70 39% 57.25M
Sep 15 $      3.00 DYNV $ 4.05 35% 22.28M
Aug 30 $      0.74 CSGH $ 0.99 34% 48.08M

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