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Hello all and thanks for stopping by I am the owner of

Like many of you interested in investing in the stock market I too enjoy the process and even more the ability to make long term investments. Although this sounds nice the truth of the matter is we live in 2018 and the stock market is still playing off the fear of our emotions. 

We invest in companies that sound too good to be true losing money along the way. I fell victim to multiple websites that pretty much “Pumped and Dumped” the stocks I thought were winners. It was a costly lesson but that for that reason I looked for a way to create transparency and trust in the right kind of stocks. The purpose of StockGuru is to enlighten those eager investors into seeing who owns these stocks, where they see the company going then making a decision to invest. For this reason you will see many changes coming to this website and all its social media. As a doctor (yes a real doctor haha) I have really no financial incentive and will refuse all Fake News and pump and dump schemes, I can not guarantee your success but I can guarantee our honesty here at StockGuru and the values we will constantly be pushing upon our news. Feel free to reach out for any inquires. 

Thanks again! 

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