We get a Revenue Beat on $HIMX – So The Buzz is Saying Over $10… Really?

Himax Technologies (NasdaqGS: HIMX) beats on revenue and the Buzz is going very positive today. Well, there are always the bashers and the shorts, but what’s a market without a few on the downside, right!  Let’s get to that Buzz! Richie sees the call buying up… get ready $10! Richie Moku @ACInvestorBlog noticed big call buying in $HIMX recently as well. An Alert by Breaking Stock News… not going to move it.  Just wanted you to see what the “bots” are saying… You know, the automated alerts:   BreakingStocksNews $HIMX: Stocks in the Spotlight: Himax Technologies Inc. (ADR) (HIMX …:StockNewsHour.com/himx-stocks-in…


Even Without News, $HIMX has a Huge Buzz… Let’s find out WHY!

Have you been watching Himax Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: HIMX)? It’s been a while since there was news, but the Buzz is very real. Lot’s of people are talking about HIMX. Let’s find out why!   Financially doing good, but not up today: Himax Technologies is in a great financial position, take a look: https://t.co/8kmqoYRoCs $HIMX pic.twitter.com/PGeRqpkP9Y — Warren of Wall St (@WarrenofWallSt) October 13, 2015 Hugh wants news… He thinks they should put out press more often: $HIMX no news, yet down again today. People just don’t believe to this stock. — Hugh J. Robbins (@HughJRobbins) October 13, 2015 TradeXChange


As $AVXL gets its D following Reverse $AVXLD – The Buzz is Bigger than Ever

[cmwizard menu=avxlmenu title=”Full Coverage AVXL”/] Of course the D on the AVXLD will only be there for a total of twenty days, this following the reverse split. There is a huge buzz right now for Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (OTCQB: AVXL – aka – AVXLD).  We all know that reverse splits are supposed to be the worst thing a stock can do.  Guess what? SO FAR… AVXL has shown us otherwise!  This is RARE!   Let’s look at some of that buzz now:  Bruce includes us in his favs, although I don’t agree on the HIMX! @bsbct $HIMX $AVXL !!! —