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Zephyr Health Wins Industry Awards for Innovation and Enterprise Big Data

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zephyr Health, the leading insights-as-a-service company in the healthcare industry, today announced that it has been selected for two prestigious industry awards; PM360’s “The Most Innovative Start-ups in 2015” and Insights Success’ “The 20 Most Valuable Enterprise Big Data Companies.” “We are honored to be selected for these…
Konica Minolta Launches Upgrade to Dispatcher(R) Phoenix Document Workflow Solution to Improve Productivity
Facebook $FB is trying to make Ads you See Truly Interesting to You $GOOG

Finally Happened, Google Bought Waze

For those of us who use Waze many times a week, the idea that Waze could fall into the hands of Apple or Microsoft was terrifying. Okay, not terrifying.  Maybe irritating is a better word to use. Apple would have ate it up and used it inside of iOS devises only (eventually) and that would…

Is this time for real? Is Waze getting acquired?

Personally, I would rather see Google get Waze than Microsoft or Apple. I think Google is the one that will not try subvert it for either pushing the ever-flopping Windows mobile devices or to push Apple's iPhone. Google will keep it available to all devices. It is an awesome service and one that is so…
StockGuru Short Opportunity: Research In Motion Limited (RIMM)

Number One Laptop Selling on Amazon does NOT run Windows or Mac

Here is an amazing article about the sales at Amazon of the Chromebook.  The top selling laptop on Amazon is none other than a Samsung laptop with the Chrome operating system. Get this: The demand is so great that Amazon can command more than the list price. List is $250. Selling price is $317. See…

Please Don’t Let Apple Acquire Waze!

Do you know of Waze?  If you are a user, you love it. Let me tell you what Waze is and why it is so important to keep it away from Apple. Waze seems silly at first. I installed it on an old iPhone in years past very early, then I put it on Androids the past…
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