Penny Stock Brokers

Penny Stock Brokers


I don’t know the fees of the firms on this list. You have to ask them. You have to tell them the kind of business you need done. Then you have to get all potential fees associated with doing business. They may charge to have “compliance” look over transactions or certificates. They may charge a “deposit” fee for cash or securities deposited. They may charge to have shares electronically imported in from another firm. They almost always charge big fees for handling restricted (Rule 144) stock certificates. 

Here’s a list of brokers you might want to look at:

The Usual Online Brokers:

(Note: Most of these will NOT let you trade in “risky” stocks
unless you are an ultra high net worth person and you are
only trading in a tiny percentage of the money you have at
their firm):

TD Ameritrade



Interactive Brokers

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