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About Bemax Inc. (Symbol: BMXC)

Bemax Inc. exports Disposable Baby Diapers from the United States and Canada and distributes their product throughout the world in major areas such as London and South Africa. The Company also server the world’s emerging markets. Bemax also exports from manufacturers in Asia and distributes to other growing Markets. Bemax focuses on an extensive and far-reaching global network among wholesalers, large discounting retailers and supermarkets. On top of that, the Company has moved into the ecommerce arena to reach households directly through subscription orders. The Company’s focus is to supply clients with disposable baby diapers from manufacturers in North America where quality is far superior. 




The Company recent announced its move into ECommerce for Baby Diapers.  The following is from their October 15, 2015 Press Release: 


Bemax Launches Ecommerce Store

Bemax Inc., a global distribution company focused on exporting and distribution of disposable baby diapers, today announced the launch of its new ecommerce website Bemax new site provides quick and intuitive access to our private-labels and enhances the quality and availability of our Mother’s Choice and Mother’s Touch labels to our customers.

The new website bring Bemax to revenue generating stage, better communicates to prospective customers and stakeholders of what Bemax can bring to market – a leading edge, cost effective disposable diaper for the consumable and household markets. The new website will serve and receive purchase orders from our wholesale and retail customers respectively. (Read full release)


The was preceded by the announcement on September 8th of the Company’s Private Label Disposable Baby Diapers:


Bemax to Launch Private Label of Disposable Baby Diapers

Bemax Inc. (BMXC), is pleased to announced today that it will launch an exclusive private-label of disposable diapers and wipes, called Mother’s Hugs, to be sold and distributed through existing Bemax distribution channels of wholesalers and retailers in Europe and emerging African markets as well as to buyers online through Bemax ecommerce website.

The first phase of the private -label will begin in the first quarter of 2016 with sales estimated to reach 5.5million dollars in the first year. (Read full release)




The President & CEO: 

Taiwo Aimasiko – President/CEO, Director

Taiwo Aimasiko, President & CEO brings over tens years of experience in international trade.

Ms. Taiwo Aimasiko is an accountant and a graduate of Accounting from the University if Phoenix. Ms. Aimasiko has an enduring and strong relationships with Bemax global customer base, disposable diaper manufacturing representatives and distributors. She is responsible for Bemax managerial and organizational structure, including preparation and administration of disclosure and accounting controls. Ms. Aimasiko experience as staff accountant in the oil and gas industry covers wholesale and retail trade, production of goods as well as development and construction.

An excellent communicator with proven sales and marketing abilities, Ms.Aimasiko had varied experience in commercial trading and consulting spanning over a period of ten years. She is assisted with an excellent sales and marketing team and currently lives with her three sons in Georgia, USA.


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