CRPA President Chuck Michel Offers the Following Statement on Santa Fe High School Incident

FULLERTON, Calif., May 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The loss of a neighbor, friend, or family member — especially through an unconscionable act of violence — has no comparison. And the acts of terror yesterday at Santa Fe High School have no place in our society.

As loving parents and gun safety advocates, CRPA’s members mourn the deaths of the ten victims of this senseless tragedy and pray for their families.

But while we do this, the naive forces of gun-hate have predictably come out swinging. Ignoring the fact that a conventional shotgun and revolver were used to the same deadly effect at Santa Fe High School, they are again blaming law-abiding gun owners who chose to own a gun for sport or to defend their families for these malicious crimes. Once again, they are clamoring for more laws that won’t work to ban more guns, from more people, from more places.

More laws, on top of the many existing state laws, on top of many existing federal laws, will not keep us safe from the monsters modern society keeps breeding. Quite the contrary.

The systems and laws already in place to prevent tragedies like these failed to detect or stop this bad guy — again. Perhaps his parents failed him too, as there are reports that the killer’s father allowed his troubled son to access his firearms despite clear indications that the killer was significantly disturbed. While the father may pay a price for that, it won’t help the victims or their families.

Gun safety is a core part of CRPA’s mission, and it’s something we instill in every one of our members and through every one of our classes. Part of CRPA’s gun safety course curriculum involves educating gun owners on how to evaluate their individual circumstances and formulate a safe gun storage plan that appropriately limits access to firearms. CRPA also promotes programs that train police and administrators to shield schools, churches, and other soft targets from criminals, terrorists, and the mentally ill.

Having qualified people equipped with firearms is only one part of these protection plans, and implementing each part could help prevent another tragedy. But our efforts to mainstream and promote gun safety lessons through public forums have always been blocked by those who simply hate guns. They refuse to acknowledge the social utility of firearms as a deterrent to crime, and they work against anything that might normalize gun ownership in the public mind. The culture war goes on, and ultimately our children are left more vulnerable.

While we mourn the loss of life, we stand committed to ensuring that our state, our members and our communities enjoy their all of their Second Amendment rights responsibly and safely — and maintain their ability to do so as well.

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