, Consider Rehabilitation When Exhibiting Drug Addiction

SAN DIEGO, May 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Needless to say, drugs and other addictive substances are extremely harmful for your body and can even lead to fatal consequences. However, once your system gets accustomed to these drugs, they tend to create a need for the chemicals present in them. partners with San Jose Drug Rehabs to help people get free from drug addiction. When these chemicals are not present in your body, the body reacts by causing several withdrawal symptoms listed below.

Suspicious odor on body, breath, and/or clothing

Bouts of hyperactivity, mood swings, and agitation

Secretive behavior and frequent lying

Unpredictable changes in personality

Irritability, anxiety, and paranoia

Unexplained increase in expenses, sudden financial crisis

Trouble with eating and sleeping patterns

Sudden weight loss or weight gain

Impairment of motor skills and/or slurred speech

Do you notice these symptoms in a loved one? If you do, the time to take action is now. Do not ignore these dangerous symptoms of drug addiction and contact San Jose Drug Rehabs today to establish a rehabilitation program for you.

San Jose Residents Reclaim Their Drug-free Life

At San Jose Drug Rehabs, we want to provide San Jose residents with the best treatment and care options for substance abuse. Our facility offers state of the art medical attention and psychological counseling to ensure that your loved one is coping physically and mentally. To create a positive and optimistic atmosphere, we engage our participants in self help groups and other activities and keep them motivated. We impart essential life skills like anger management to prevent relapses and teach them to handle withdrawal symptoms with greater ease. This is a total comprehensive rehabilitation effort.

Contact Us Right Away

At San Jose Drug Rehabs, you can be sure of quick treatment and lasting results as we prepare your loved one for an addiction-free future. Contact San Jose Drug Rehabs today to know more about our drug addiction rehabilitation services for San Jose residents.

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