Seitai Acupuncture Opens New Location in Brooklyn, NY

BROOKLYN, N.Y., March 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Seitai Acupuncture today announced the opening of a new Seitai Health Center in Brooklyn, NY. It will offer a variety of health and wellness services, including yoga classes, acupuncture, Shiatsu, and kampo (Japanese herbology).

Seitai Acupuncture has added a new location, bringing the total number of centers to three. Its services are based on Eastern medical traditions, therefore providing New Yorkers with an alternative to standard Western medicine. These services help to reduce pain, improve general health and flexibility.

Yoga is a new service available at Seitai Health Centers. It has brought in yoga instructor Yelena Kaminsky to lead its Vinyasa flow classes. Each movement is synchronized with breath and traditional sequences are used. These classes are unique in a way that poses can be simplified or intensified to match clients’ current abilities. This maximizes results for all participants.

“Yoga has many health benefits. Physically, it helps with flexibility, strength, circulatory health, metabolic balance, and weight loss among other things. It’s also great for mental balance. It can improve your outlook and reduce the harmful effects of stress. This, in turn, reduces body tension and can relieve backaches, headaches, sleep problems, and other problems associated with tense muscles. Since it helps promote calmness, it can also make it easier to avoid the use of drugs of various sorts. Yoga truly brings about system-wide improvements and improves lives,” said Ms. Kaminsky.

As its name implies, Seitai Acupuncture also offers acupuncture. They provide two main forms: one meant to improve health and reduce pain, and another that offers cosmetic results. The cosmetic version makes the face look younger by increasing circulation and minimizing fine lines.

Massage is also offered at the Seitai Health Centers. One of its primary offerings is Seitai Shiatsu, which was developed by Kiyoshi Kato in Japan during the last century, aims to adjust the skeleton by the use of soft-tissue massage. Unlike chiropractic treatments, it does not directly manipulate the bones. The end goal is to maximize the body’s natural healing powers by getting the body into its proper natural shape. Standard (non-Seitai) Shiatsu treatments are also available.

By opening its center in Brooklyn, Seitai Acupuncture will be able to handle more demand and ease crowded appointment schedules. Those who would like to make an appointment at the new Seitai Health Center in Brooklyn can do so by calling (917) 746-5977.

About Seitai Acupuncture

This office operates in the New York City area and has three centers; one in Brooklyn, one in NY itself, and one on Staten Island. All offer massage, yoga, and acupuncture services. For more information about ​Seitai Acupuncture contact their office at (917) 746-5977 or visit their website

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