Workplace Safety & Prevention services again leads the way in safety group performance – generates over $7.4 million in member rebates

Toronto, Ontario, Dec. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Following a very successful year when Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) Safety Group earned $6.1 million dollars in rebates in 2016, the group surpassed that number earning $7.4 million in rebates in 2017 with the support of WSPS.

Safety Groups are a WSIB performance-based premium rebate program.  Companies collectively work on key safety initiatives designed to reduce injury frequency and severity while earning rebates on their WSIB premiums. Successful firms earn as much as 6% of the total premiums they paid to the WSIB.

“We are proud to once again lead the way in safety group performance,” says WSPS President and CEO Lynn Brownell. “And while the rebates we’ve enabled our members to achieve are gratifying, we are most proud of the fact that those rebates are directly related to our members’ increased commitment to workplace safety.”

The substantial rebates that WSPS Safety Group members achieve are just part of the added value of their membership.  They receive expert guidance from WSPS Consultants – a team of leading safety experts with diverse experience – and the opportunity to network with a multi-sector group of companies. They also get preferred pricing on most WSPS products, services and training.

WSPS has consistently earned the highest rebates in the WSIB Safety Group program. Every penny generated goes directly to its members.  WSPS does not take any portion of the rebates.

Most importantly, WSPS Safety Group members learn from each other, sharing best practices to improve their health and safety programs, with the goal of operating the safest workplaces possible.


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